Need info from Texas people. . .

Need info from Texas people. . .

This is a discussion on Need info from Texas people. . . within the Member Meeting Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My wife and I are looking to move out of Ohio and have a couple places in mind. She brought up today San Antonio TX ...

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Thread: Need info from Texas people. . .

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    Need info from Texas people. . .

    My wife and I are looking to move out of Ohio and have a couple places in mind. She brought up today San Antonio TX and I kind of agree with her. Can you guys give me some pointers on the school district, good suburb around (for middle class people), do's and donts and most important how are they about carrying down there?

    We are just starting our LONG LONG journey and looking forward to as much info and possible. Thank you
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    Buy this:

    David Savageau's Places Rated Home Page | Places Rated

    The Places Rated Almanac will tell you many more facts about a metro area than any group of opinionated posters on a forum. Everything from average wages, job availability, educational attainment, schools, recreation, crime, health care - you name it, they have measured it and analyzed it and summarize it succinctly.

    The Almanac is factually based, thus eliminating bias for the most part.

    Personally, I am very biased against SA, but that is my personal experience and attitude, your mileage may very.

    It is the second or third largest city in Texas, behind only Houston IIRC, but larger than Dallas (but not DFW metro). Typical Texas city, but the streets were laid out by drunk locals riding drunk donkeys IMHO.

    Buy the Almanac - best $$ you'll spend.

    By the way, I lived in Texas for 13 years, so don't discount me too much.
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    I can not specifically answer with regard to San Antonio. It is a large city with everything a large city has.

    You will be within easy driving to some very nice parts of Texas known as "the hill country" and to some nice recreation in the area North and West of I-35. I-35 itself is a driver's nightmare to be avoided from the OK to Mexico border.

    As much as you are probably unhappy with Ohio cold right now, you won't like San Antonio in the summer. Can you say very hot and very humid?

    As far as guns, concealed carry and gun laws, you will be able to get a CHL if you take a course, pass a range test, and file the appropriate papers--assuming you have a clean background. We do not have open carry here. Only concealed carry. San Antonio has its own and strict knife laws. You need to keep those in mind if you choose to carry a knife.

    Since you are in the just thinking about it stage, Austin is a very rapidly growing city which would be lovely except for awful traffic and difficult commutes. There are nice more rural and small-town towns to its north, NE and NW.

    Don't overlook the Bryan-College Station area, which is the home to Texas A&M University. Limited employment options, and low wages, but otherwise a nice place to live except in July and August.

    If you like the Southwest desert flavor, consider El Paso. There are very nice middle class neighborhoods there, but it is a desert climate and it is somewhat isolated.

    Remember, you can fit about 4 Ohio s in Texas so we have a rich variety of climate, terrain, and ecology, and weather.

    I'm sure folks familiar with San Antonio will have more specific thoughts.

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    you guys are great thanks for the info so far. Please keep it coming.
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    I can't tell you much about San Antonio, but might the greater Houston area be of any interest to you? If so, take a look at Katy and Sugarland.
    As far as carry goes, it is concealed only. When I moved here and went to get my drivers license I had to show two photo ID's. I used my old drivers license and my Florida carry permit. When the trooper saw it she immediately asked if I had signed up yet for a class to get my Texas CHL. When one of the people in a recent C.E.R.T. class asked about carrying on an activiation, the Ft Bend County deputy just said "Concealed is concealed, right?"
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    Wichita Falls, Texas
    My son-in-law lives down there, he's also in the Air Force. They like it, but they live on the outskirts. That's where I would suggest looking, probably cheaper and safer.

    It's over a 1 Million people, so expect traffic to be a headache as we have found out during rush hour LOL. I don't like large cities myself, but it's not a bad city actually.
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    Sugar Land, TX
    A lot has to do with what kind of business or employment you are looking for. I don't know a lot about SA.

    I live in Sugar Land and it is still growing here. Sugar Land was just named as one of the top ten safest cities to live in, in the US. New businesses are being built everyday and it would be hard to tell things a slowing down economically...
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    Panhandle of Texas
    not being nosy, just trying to answer your question in the best manner....what type of employment are you/wife looking at here?
    thats a big part of the equation
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    I live near Houston, and if I could move anywhere it'd probably be up near the Woodlands... a good 30-45 minutes from downtown, so close enough to enjoy the actives but far enough away to be out near the country.

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    The Lone Star State
    Bexar County (specifically San Antonio) is one of the most anti-gun locations in Texas. Among the usual places that a weapon cannot be carried per state law, San Antone also includes public parks. They have more stringent knife laws than the rest of the state. San Antonio ordinance forbids knives with blades under 5 1/2 inches that have a locking mechanism so "it becomes a fixed blade knife."
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    The Woodlands, Texas
    Just keep out of the Valley....too hot there, lol.....

    Another one for "what type of employment"?
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    Dallas, Tx
    San Antonio is gorgeous but Dallas and the DFW area has anything and everything you need except freezing winters!

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    General CHL site
    Here's the Texas Concealed Handgun booklet from the DPS
    Instructor Pamphlet
    Attorney General Opinions Re: City Parks (among other things)

    Also, Texas passed the MPA Motorist Protection Act.
    So you don't need even a license to carry a CONCEALED HANDGUN in your own car.
    Of course shotguns, rifles don't need to be concealed in a car, but handguns do.

    Charles L. Cotton is an Attorney and has a Texas CHL forum and he is with the Texas State Rifle Assn and he testifies before legislators etc a lot and you can find quite a bit of info if you want to google for it. (I don't want to violate this forum's rules by posting links to any other forum, if that's against the rules)

    Actually, State law says Cities can't pass laws restricting or over riding the State's laws, though some try to.

    Of course all Federal property (federal buildings/Courts/prisons/Post Offices) are off limits other than National Parks after Feb 21st, but all State Parks and County Parks and city Parks are ok..... So U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers lakes/parks are off limits generally, unless the State leases the Property as a State Park..... The same MAY hold true for USACOE land leased to a County as a County park, like Addicks dam area near Houston.

    There are really 2 signs you need to watch for, a 30.06 sign ( section 30.06 penal code ... carrying by a licensee is tresspassing) and a 51% sign (over 51% of sales from on premise alcohol consumption) ... other signs such as "The UNLICENSED carrying of a firearm..." etc signs don't apply to licensees

    And there are some places we can't carry even if there is no sign, such as in a school building, at a sporting event, racetrack, any building containing a Court or offices used by a Court, the Secured area of a jail etc etc...

    Not only is it "concealed" it is "concealed HANDGUN license" (I don't know Ohio's laws, but Texas differs from Floida's "concealed WEAPON permit") So, no butterfly knives, no billy clubs etc ...

    Not sure your age or interests, but I like the area around San Marcos, or any of those towns half way between San Antonio and Austin, 30 miles to either city is good if you are looking for work or whatever. San Marcos also has a river to kayak fish in ... and a University ... but still a smaller town feel than either of the 2 big cities, which are still pretty close.

    I moved from Houston's hurricanes and humidity, lived in Dallas before, now I'm near Austin a bit north of the San Antonio area.

    I am not a lawyer

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