Welcome, from beautiful (but currently lovebug-saturated) central Florida!

No apologies needed- you know it's sad that we need to apologize for expressing our desire to protect ourselves from danger. There is evil in the world; while I would go out of my way to help a stranger in need, I wouldn't hesitate to use deadly force against individuals if they have intent and means to jeopardize the lives of myself or others.

I understand that most of the EU has a very different philosophy than that, but American culture has deep roots in self-preservation and liberty from Government. That will never change, despite misguided efforts from those who fear the weapon rather than the evil individuals who chose to employ it. I'm glad that some in Europe, like yourself, see the light and realize that the bad guys must be confronted, by violence if necessary, and will not simply go away if you give it government welfare.

How's that for political correctness? :)

Btw, your english is good. Sadly, while I've been to France more than a few times, I do not speak any French whatsoever. I believe español is the numero uno foreign language taken by students here in the US, as it seems to be the second most common language here, especially down here in the southern states. So I hope you can forgive me.