Hello from Maine

Hello from Maine

This is a discussion on Hello from Maine within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To DefensiveCarry.com category; I'm a new CCW holder living here in Maine. I have some prior LE training but that was almost a decade ago. Very much interested ...

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Thread: Hello from Maine

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    Hello from Maine

    I'm a new CCW holder living here in Maine. I have some prior LE training but that was almost a decade ago. Very much interested in learning all that I can. It's been a long time since I've carried. Currently carrying a S&W 457 .45 with an old Bianchi IWB that I had to "customize" to fit.

    My wife is asking why I've decided to start carrying now. Always did when I worked the street. Crime is on the increase. My daughter also asked. I explained about my job as her dad and protector of the family, it's my job. My one concern was trying to explain that I'm here to protect her, her mom and brother but then she asked about my being in EMS and caring for people. She seemed to be confused.
    Any suggestions???



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    Hello Jeff -

    I don't think there is a dichotomy re carry and EMS - and caring for folks. You need to impress the fact that carry is also caring for folks - the good folks in the family.

    The fact that in a defensive situation someone probably gets hurt, or worse - does not detract from this IMO - if the GG/BG distinction is made. Those categories are apples and oranges - tho that said, with your EMS hat when on you'd would still do best possible to patch up a shot BG - it's part of the deal.

    The other thing to impress on your wife is - if we shoot in a legally permissible defensive situation - you can say with honesty - ''well, he chose to instigate the whole thing!'' - ''it was not of my choosing.''
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    welcome. I explained to my kids , their are many nice people out there and a few bad. I carry in case a bad person wants to hurt my family. they understand and seem to be really good at keeping the secret ' Dad carrys a gun '.
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    Welcome -
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    Welcome Jeff from Eastern Idaho
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    Welcome from Alabama.

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    Welcome from Missouri.

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    My wife was opposed to me carrying at first, but after 9/11 and the DC sniper situation out here, decided to get her own CC permit. She was already a crack shot. Now we both carry daily, even at home. Our 4 yr old son is growing up with Mommy and Daddy carrying, and doesn't think there's anything unusual about it.
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    Since I never had kids,can't give any advise on the subject. Would have to suggest that you NOT be ashamed of the fact that you have taken responsibility to protect yourself and family.

    Keep the fact that you carry,you and your families "secret". It's a private thing,nobodies buisness,and you surely don't owe anybody outside your family an explanation for your decission/actions.

    Come up with a "plan" for you and your family should the day come when things get ugly. The older your kids get,the more "complex" the plan can be.

    Explain to your family how you will, or have, changed. Make them understand that with CCW you will be LESS confrontational. You will have less to say to someone that makes you mad or insults you in your daily life. Explain to them why you sit where you do,walk where you do,and how you position yourself in ref. to other people. And to a certin extent,explain to them(especially wife) how you will react if SHTF.

    Come up with a readily changeable plan. Make sure that they understand that they do exactly what you tell them to do,and very quickly. Realize yourself that this alone could save their life. Go through the "what if" things at home. Let them know that if you say "come inside" or "go to your room" or "call 911" you mean for them to do just that without question.

    Keep in mind that all this is for them, and make sure that they know that.

    Finally,welcome to the forum. I lived in Maine for 18 years after I retired from the military. Lived in the weatern mountains for 18 and was a EMT-A for 8 years.

    IMO saving the lives of your family goes right along with saving the lives of others. -------

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    Welcome from Rocky Top Tennessee

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    Welcome from Middle Tennessee!

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    Welcome to the best forum on the internet.
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    Welcome to CC!

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    Welcome from North Texas!!!
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