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This is a discussion on New CC gun owner within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To category; Welcome from Ohio! I am about to build an IWB for a Springfield XD .45 using Kydex for a friend. The gun itself seems a ...

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Thread: New CC gun owner

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    Welcome from Ohio! I am about to build an IWB for a Springfield XD .45 using Kydex for a friend. The gun itself seems a bit on the thick side, but it should be doable with the right clothing.

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    Welcome to the DC Forum from Delaware! Good choice with the SA XDm40, just for my $ .02, check out the link to Pure Kustom Holsters at the top of this page. I carry my SA XD40 SC in a Black Ops Pro, it's great. It can also be used IWB/OWB, and at several different cants. Oh, and don't forget to REMEMBER THE RULES!
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    Welcome from Florida!
    "sleeman" you might also want to take a look at the "Kholster" (a sponsor here also) about the same design as the "Supertuck" and "M-tac" but about $40.00 bucks less, and no wait (Great customer service from Jimmy btw). I just got one for my M&P9c (I think about the same size as your XDm) along with a GREAT new belt from A&G and I'm now carrying my M&P that I didn't used to carry because it was too uncomfortable...not any more. Just a suggestion...
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    Welcome from SW Ohio.
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    Welcome to the forum from Michigan!
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    Welcome from Central Texas!!!!!
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    Welcome from MN. I favor IWB 3:30-4:00 strongside. The most comfortable have a leather pad on the inside, and a kydex body. Crossbreed, MTAC, Galco, and Kholster, among others make them. Velcro clips are hidden behind the belt. Depending on cant, height, and clock position, most will be very comfortable with a good belt. Persevere through the discovery and break in period. Stay safe.
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    Welcome from Forida.
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    Yet another welcome from Ohio.

    My true-EDC is an XDm9 3.8 Compact.

    I carry this pistol about 95% of the time - like my fellow Buckeye Snider said earlier, it's a bit on the thick side, being what it is (a double-stacker - and IIRC, the XDm9 and XDm40 3.8 Compacts share the same physical dimensions...or are *very* close), and his observation that the right clothing and right carry gear solves the problem is precisely what I see on an everyday basis.

    I'm a jeans-and-T-shirt guy all year, every year. I'm an academic scientist, so I'm lucky that way.

    My pistol typically rides in a Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro, configured for IWB with an aggressive forward cant, with the lip of the holster just clearing the waist-band, located at my 3-o'clock, strong-side. It's an extremely comfortable and well-made rig, as many here will tell you, and in my everyday garb, the pistol, using its short 13-round magazine with a Pearce grip extension, all but disappears.

    The thickness of the pistol-and-holster combo, though, does make itself more visible - with my chosen carry position - when I start dressing up. In khakis and dress-shirts or nice sweaters, I find that I can still make the XDm un-noticeable if I start playing with my holster selection: in these instances, either my standard (canted) Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC or Crossbreed SuperTuck Delux works to slim down the profile a bit more. It's only when I go to more tailored dress pants and get to the point where I must "dress like an adult," as my wife insists, that I start having to look at carrying my true-subcompact single-stack 9mm alternate (a Kahr PM9).

    Remember, different people carrying different gear in different manners achieve different results. Just because I conceal well at the 3-o'clock doesn't mean that another person will be the same: they may find that it's either better or worse for them, or that they may have specific considerations that makes it impossible for them to conceal there, either out of practicality or for considerations of "liveability."

    To illustrate:

    I can conceal just about anything (yeah, I could probably tuck a short-barrel shotgun in my fat-roll, wanna see! ) at the "AIWB" (appendix-carry, inside-the-waist-band) position...OK, really, I can very easily put a full-sized pistol there, like a full-sized XDm in a neutral-cant MTAC (yes, I have this exact setup), and just make it completely disappear. So why don't I carry a full-sized XDm there on a daily basis (keeping that a slightly worked full-sized XDm9 is my "class" pistol), given its larger capacity, longer sight-radius, and better ergonomics? Because I'm fat, and I can't sit down or drive with the pistol least not comfortably.

    Similarly, I have a Raven Concealment Phantom kydex pancake, set up as an OWB holster. Ostensibly designed for my full-sized XDm, it'll hold the 3.8 just fine, too, but what I use this holster for is for "class." While this holster holds the pistol securely and rides it high and tight, allowing for excellent concealment (it's how I travel to and from classes, given that Ohio is an Open-Carry state and also given that just a thin over-shirt is all I need to completely cover it up and go concealed [I have a valid Ohio-CHL]), I don't usually wear an over-shirt, and my standard un-tucked T-shirt doesn't quite conceal it as well as an IWB setup.

    It's about finding the right gear for your specific needs and wants.

    There's a lot of excellent makes that sponsors this Forum. I would encourage you to take your time, if you can. Research the topic, and find the gear that's right for you.

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    I've been posting on various forums for years now and I can honestly say this is by far the biggest welcome I've ever received. That's awesome to see!

    Thanks for all the suggestions. My head is spinning from all the great info. but I will research all suggestions, especially the sponsors of this site. They look like they all make quality gear. I will be sure to report back once I've found my holster! Thanks again.


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    Welcome from the East Coast. (I also recommend Pure Kustom.)
    Enjoy the forum.
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    Welcome from South Carolina...
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    Welcome from Colorado!!
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    Welcome from, what training are you going to do next to learn how to employ your firearm?
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