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Thread: Howdy from Arizona

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    Welcome from Rocky Top Tennessee

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    Welcome from SE Missouri.


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    Thanks all!

    I've already done a bit of checking on using our AZ permits in TX. Read the TX reg's, called AZ DPS and emailed the TX folks - still a bit confused but I'm feeling more confident that our permits will be honored.

    Some of the questions I emailed TX:

    "We've recently applied for our Arizona CCW (CHL) permits, which will be good for the next 5 years. Will we be required to obtain a Texas CHL permit once we've become residents of the state of Texas? Or can we wait until our Arizona permits expire, then obtain a Texas permit? When we do get a Texas permit (either immediately or five years from now), will we be required to get a "new" permit or will we be considered to be renewing? Also, is there any legislation pending to allow open carry of revolvers/pistols in Texas?"
    Thier response:

    "RLS Legal Staff <>

    Your Arizona licenses will be valid in Texas, so long as they are valid in Arizona. You should confirm with Arizona their continued validity when you move out of state. You will have to apply for a new Texas license when they expire.

    We are not aware of any pending "open carry" legislation."
    I asked AZ DPS whether or not our permits would be valid once we're no longer AZ residents, they said that our permits would still be valid since we'd taken and passed the classes here in AZ.

    I seem to recall having read that, if you're a resident of a state, you are required to have a permit from that state. Can't seem to find that right now, even in the link that Astute provided. I'll try to do some more research after the meeting with the realtor this afternoon. But, from the info that TX and AZ have provided so far.... I'm inclined to believe that we'll be good with our AZ permits.

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    Welcome from Goodyear, AZ

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    Welcome from North Texas!!!
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