I purchased my first handgun at aged 21 at the same moment I got my first carry permit while I was a junior at the University of Alabama in army ROTC in 1979. The permit cost me $5 and was good for three years. No prints or anything. The local sheriff came out and eyeballed me. Asked me a few questions and gave me the permit as soon as he found out I was due to be commissioned the following year. Most all the army ROTC guys had carry permits that were valid ON campus. That first gun was a S&W M19 in .357. I carried it at work as an armed security guard for the next two years. Worked full time and went to school full time. Partied full time too. Still dunno how I managed that.

I was commissioned in August of 1980 after graduating with a BA in Criminal Justice as an Infantry 2nd Lieutenant and served four years on active duty with the now defunct 9th Infantry Division. Platoon leader, company XO, staff officer on the General Staff. Deployments to Germany and Panama. Served as OIC of the 9th ID composite pistol team for a season.

Got out and went into the IRR where I branch transferred after awhile to Armor and went to the Armored Officers Advanced Course at Fort Knox, then the armor M1A transition course for the Reserves at some national guard base in Boise Idaho. THAT was a blast, literally!

Got to fire SIX main gun rounds (live) as well as the coax, Commanders .50 as well as fill all the positions on the tank. Bumper, I was the only guy in my class to get the big M1A AIRBORNE on the TCPC course. When I did so, the gunner had his glasses stapled onto the bridge of his nose since his eyes were pressed against the gunsight. There was blood streaming down each side of his nose. He was NOT a happy camper, but the AI\'s all said they could see air under all treads of the tank, so we became minor celebrities. I was also able to cut a .50 target in half on that range and got big brownie points for that feat. But I was always referred to as the "squishy officer" or the "crunchy" officer. Know the significance of those? Squishy and crunchy?

I have been a Probation and Parole Officer in Miami FL in the 1980's (although my Dept did not authorize sidearms, my bosses said I could carry because I had all the REAL bad guys on my caseload and due to the fact of being ex-army captain) and have taught senior high school for the last 16 years. Eight of those in the inner city. I teach American Government, Economics, Psychology, Sociology and American History. Usually only two of those a year. This year it's American Government and American History.

I'm an NRA certified Firearms Instructor and an IDPA competitor and Range Safety Officer.

Forced out of the IRR in 1994 by the Clinton Reduction in Force. Tried to get my commission back on Sept 12, 2001 but was told, "TOO OLD, too slow, too overweight, too outta shape...thanks anyway....

I carry constantly now because I think there is a DAMN fine chance that some Jihadi is going to cut loose with full auto (isn't that against the law? LOL) somewhere soon and a lawfully armed citizen is going to shut it all down.

So, too much info?

OH and If I'm not here, I'm on my gun club web site:
http://www.tssa.net or more likely on my favorite political forum where I have also posted a link to you guys: http://www.freerepublic.com I post there as ExSoldier. I'm always on the anti-terror thread called The Threat Matrix or on the Second Amendment thread called The Bang List.

That's me. I love this forum you guys have created and hope to spend much time here!