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Thread: Patrick (32) in Huntsville Alabama USA

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    Smile Patrick (32) in Huntsville Alabama USA

    Hello everyone!
    I am new! I am new to this forum, new to concealed carry and somewhat new to guns in general. I am thirty-two, and I just got my first concealed carry permit yesterday. Yeah! I was very nervous about going to the sheriff’s office, because I was afraid of being rejected. I downloaded the form some years back, and it had as the first field essentially: Give us the reason why you want to carry a gun? I’m now confident that I over thought the question, but I think it was a good moment for me.

    See, back a few years ago, my wife and I had an incident at the house, while I was out of town. My wife was home alone when the guy was trying to get in from the back yard. She ended up in the bathroom, franticly unlocking and loading an 870 with a cracked stock while on the phone with 911. The guy left, and nothing bad ever happened, but it really made us think about what to do in the gravest of situations. I looked over the form back then, and realized that, even though I had been to the range, I really didn’t “know” guns.

    At first, I researched things extensively. We didn’t have a lot of money, so we sold the old beat up 870 and bought two new 500s. We know now, we could have made things work with the 870, just fine, but we were ignorant back then. Next, my father gave me a 1971 Charter Arms Undercover. We went to the range, practiced the 500s and the .38 quite a bit, but then money got tight. We loaded the guns, bought a GunVault biometric, and in the weapons went. There they basically resided untouched for two years.

    Recently, a former police officer joined the company I work for. We’ve talked quite a bit over the past few months, and we started going to the range together. My wife graduated and got a job, so we have more money now. I’ve kept one 500 in its original condition, but I’ve started modifying the other with grips and rails for lighting and optics. I put many rounds through the .38 and the 500s. My friend is going to put me through drills next month.

    I have a daughter now, and she is sixteen months old now. Now I truly know my reason why I want to carry concealed: to protect her and her future, by doing everything I can to ensure that she and her future brothers and sisters, God willing, grow up in a strong, loving, disciplined two parent household. My daughter and I went by the sheriff’s office yesterday, and I got my first permit. Funny, the new form didn’t even ask the question, but now I am glad that I asked it of myself.

    I’m a jeans, polo and tee-shirt kind of guy. I don’t wear a lot of slacks and jackets. I could use some help with the ergonomics of concealed carry. The Charter Arms Undercover, though small, isn’t really that small. I have the speed strips, and they fit in my pocket just fine. I could use some help finding a holster for it though. Alternatively, I’ve been looking at some semi-automatics. The Kel-Tec P-3AT keeps drawing my eye, but I’m open for suggestions. I’ve also become pretty good at Mossberg 500 modification. I know the difference between a 6 ” action slide assembly and a 7 ” action slide assembly; geez, that was a pain. I’m still very interested in improving my personal and home defense though.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. I hope to see everyone on the forums. If there happens to be someone in the north Alabama area, I wouldn’t mind meeting up at Swan Creek range for some tips and trials.

    Thanks! :-D

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    Welcome from Virginia.
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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome from Michigan!
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    Welcome from Wisconsin>

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    Howdy and welcome to DC, it's a very cool place. It's very informative and educational. All the players and senior members are cool too.


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    Welcome from Delaware! Now, teach your daughter the rules, and how to shoot.
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    Welcome From Western Kentucky!
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    from Central Florida!

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    Welcome here.
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    Welcome from Missouri. You have come to a excellent source for the exchange of ideas, tactics, information, experience and even humor. Always matter what your level is...on this subject it is a on going learning experience.
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    Welcome from Southwestern Virginia.
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    Welcome from South Carolina...
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