Hi from NY

Hi from NY

This is a discussion on Hi from NY within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To DefensiveCarry.com category; Came across a link for this forum from Eric\'s Glocktalk. 1st; a BIG thank you to Bumper for a truly great site. Been in NY ...

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Thread: Hi from NY

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    Hi from NY

    Came across a link for this forum from Eric\'s Glocktalk.

    1st; a BIG thank you to Bumper for a truly great site.

    Been in NY since 1990, before that - Kingston Jamaica. Purchased a Glock 21 in 1996, never assumed ownership till 3 wks ago, also a Kahr P9 and a S & W 22 pistol.

    I have restrictions on my permit - not in a great rush to remove those - until

    1. I get more handgun training, and by extension, increase my competence and comfort levels with a gun strapped to my side.

    2. A nice big safe - three kids (2 toddlers) in the house.

    I\'ve seen a lot of \"gun violence\" in Jamaica. Of my high school graduating class back in 85, probably 20 of 32 are alive, and of that 20, maybe 14 are on the \"straight and narrow\".

    My wife is terrified of guns. Her dad was executed by a (then) notorious gunman when she was a kid. Nine shots, two to the head. In a bit of irony, I founds out that a cousin of mine (recently deceased - Inspector of Police in a northern parish [County] of Jamaica) was one of the rookie cops that brought this same gunman to his maker.

    I myself have had conversations at gunpoint (3 or 4 times, but who counted??) Once the cops (again, Jamaica) pulled me over and had bushmasters and M-16\'s under my throat, in my guts, under my nose etc...I was coming from work and I had a cassette deck under my arm. They thought I\'d boosted it from somewhere...

    Other times were people I was SUPPOSED to be transacting [LEGAL] business with.

    Anyways, glad to be here at combatcarry.com Unlike Betty, I\'m not pretty, nor experienced (with guns!) so I\'ll keep my feet off stuff and not raid the fridge. I will however, be constantly picking your brains and asking a crapload of questions. I\'m a slow subject.

    For example, today my range/gun shop owner explained to me for the tenth time, and it dawned on me, that I can travel from my home to the range with my gun loaded on my hip! So much to learn...so much to learn....



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    Glad to have ya here, Drew! Thanks for your comments. You may have to expand on the NY carry permit restrictions, I have never heard of such a thing. Sounds like you have were lucky to have come through some of the events in Jamaica. Makes you appreciate having the CCW permit in NYC. It\'s a tough \"may issue\" state isn\'t it?

    Anyway, make yourself at home here and don\'t worry about the furniture or the fridge ;)

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    Hi Bumper.

    Initially, I was reluctant to post, considering that you seem to answer every thread here, and I don\'t want to chew up your time.

    Sorry for not claryfing...

    I live in Westchester Co, NY, one of those counties that touches NYC. My permit is for \"target\", which means I can have any of my registered guns loaded on my person while going to & from the range (reasonable stops allowed).

    What I should have said (instead of \"restrictions on my permit\") is I don\'t have a FULL CCW endorsement.

    For NYC there is

    1. Premise (NYC was sued a few years back and lost, so they combined the \"target\" and \"premise\" permits. With this license you can ONLY have a loaded gun on the firing line of a range. Nowhere else.

    2. Business Carry. Self explanatory

    3. Limited Business Carry. Handguns can only be carried (for example) from bank to company.

    4. Guard/Custodian licenses.

    5. Special licenses.

    Believe me, it\'s quite the conundrum getting straingt answers on this stuff!

    Further clarification, my wife\'s dad was a soldier who was killed on duty.

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