seriously considering a ccp

seriously considering a ccp

This is a discussion on seriously considering a ccp within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To category; Hey there, I was raised to believe that hand guns are people killers. I wasn't even allowed a squirt gun or video games for this ...

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Thread: seriously considering a ccp

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    Red face seriously considering a ccp

    Hey there,

    I was raised to believe that hand guns are people killers. I wasn't even allowed a squirt gun or video games for this reason. Though I have been hunting most of my life and am very comtorable with my rifle and shotgun I have never been interested in owning a handgun, it just never crossed my mind. Therefore I know absolutely nothing about them other than the few times i went out to sight in my rifle and tried out a friends gun.

    However being a new mother, recent current events, the area in wich I live and to top it off the current government situation I think now might be the best time to get aquainted with some personal protection.

    Being that I know nothing I thought this might be a good place to ask some questions before going all in.

    I have talked with the hubby a little about what might be best for me. He thinks that a slide might be better than a lever action when taking the kids into consideration ( my son is very good with his daisy capguns) this is after also taking into consideration education, awareness and common sense of course.
    I would also like something that is easy to conceal but big enough to stop a curious bear. ( I live way out in the woods were you are as likely to meet up with a bear as you are a crackhead pot grower) Wich brings me to my next question.... can you jog with a concealed weapon safely? I hope that isn't a stupid question, I just don't feel safe jogging out here anymore.

    thanks for listening and your help.

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    Life brings changes. Welcome Aboard and Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
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    Good for you, and Welcome from So Cal!

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    Welcome aboard mountainmama from the great state of Pennsylvania and welcome to your 2nd Admendment rights!

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    Welcome from SC.

    Don't know what kind of bear you might be talking about, but a good .357 magnum makes a really good impression on whatever you're trying to run off. Maybe a 2-4" barrel. There are better 'bear' calibers, but if you're looking for something that you can conceal easily, a .357 would probably be best.

    A .44 magnum, a .454 Casull, or a .500 magnum might be best for bear, but hard to hide, and really heavy.
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    I jog comfortably with mine every day, it just depends on the clothing and rig youre using. That being said, i generally jog in DCUs and BDUs because im used to them, but with some proper research you can find exactly what you need considering our clothing likely differs ;-). Just make sure its covered completely so you dont get sweat (and therefore salt) in the action and you should be fine. Welcome to the forum and congrats on the baby!

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    Welcome from Wisconsin> hope the bear don't bite......

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    Welcome from Alabama

    and I think that a .357 with a 3 to 4 inch barrel would work fine. And with the right holster you can do just about anything safely
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    Welcome from Delaware!
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    Welcome to our forum from The Bluegrass State. Sounds like a job for a 3-4" .357 mag revolver. I'm counting on Black Bears only in Oregon.
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    from Central Florida!

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    Welcome to DC.

    I would recommend posting your product- and usage-specific questions over in the appropriate discussion forum. Your questions will get far more visibility over there. As for possible holsters to assist while jogging, a "belly band" style might work for you, such as: PistolWear.

    An internet search for <"belly band" holster firearm> can turn up several other options for that style, as well.
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    I agree with posting this question here
    Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions

    You will get many more responses. See you there!

    BTW welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the from from Wisconsin!

    Things are getting wild out there - too wild to go unarmed especially doing outdoor activities alone.

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    Welcome from Virginia.
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