First Range Trip, First Time Shooting Handgun

First Range Trip, First Time Shooting Handgun

This is a discussion on First Range Trip, First Time Shooting Handgun within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To category; Been looking at getting a handgun for a while now, still deciding what I want. I fell in love with the SR9c when I first ...

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Thread: First Range Trip, First Time Shooting Handgun

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    First Range Trip, First Time Shooting Handgun

    Been looking at getting a handgun for a while now, still deciding what I want. I fell in love with the SR9c when I first saw it, but during research I've been leaning more towards the Beretta Nano. Anyhow, before buying my first one, I wanted to go to the range and shoot, preferably a sub-compact so I could atleast get a feel for it, since I had never shot a handgun before. Rented a Glock 26 as it was the closest to what I've been looking at, and shot. Really was not expecting the recoil that I felt in the 9mm, haha. Not BAD, just didn't expect it to jump like that... hard to imagine a .45!

    Anyhow, shot 50 shots at 10 yards, and 49/50 were in the silhouette, which I don't think is bad at all. The random scraggler to the left of the head I can only assume happened in the final 4 when I did quick double taps to center mass, as everything else is bunched up pretty well.

    Still thinking about the Nano... just guess I have to get used to shooting without a pinky helping with the recoil.

    (Hopefully the picture shows up)

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    Welcome to the forum from Ohio and welcome to shooting handguns. Two really great things. Looks like you did a very nice job, especially for not having the pinky control on the gun. I had a Glock 26 and had to sell it. Just was not for me even with the Pearce grip ext. It was a great gun. Hope you find the right one for you. I would be sure to shoot several to find the right one before you buy. Try full size and compact both. Something will be just right.

    As for the .45. You will be amazed how great they shoot once you start shooting handguns and get used to them. I love the .45 but the first time pulling the trigger was very intimidating. Looking back I find that hard to believe. Now I do not even notice the recoil.
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    Welcome to the club. Do a youtube search for vigunfighter - he's got a tutorial series for proper grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, etc.

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    Welcome Aboard and Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
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    Welcome! Shooting is pretty fun, huh?

    I would also really advise trying out some full size handguns first. I really think it would be beneficial to actually learn to shoot with a full size, then move on to a smaller gun a little later.

    I've really shot mostly 9mm, 380 and 40 cal but have shot a 45 once or twice, recoil is recoil. Alot has to do with the size and weight of the gun.
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    Welcome to DefensiveCarry. Glad to have you aboard.

    If brand new to handgun shooting, here's some info you might find useful: USMC Pistol Marksmanship, MCRP 3-01B. It's a decent overview of the basics.

    Keep in mind that, particularly when starting out, the puny guns can often be dismally hard to aim effectively as compared to their larger counterparts. ie, a Glock 26 versus the Glock 19 or 17.

    As well, be aware that many pistols will point naturally and have a weight/balance that differs from others. As you shoot more of them, you will likely find some result in decent accuracy while others seem a stiff challenge by comparison. Point being, gun selection can (at least when you're starting) have an impact on POI. Covering the basics should help quite a bit.

    Anecdote regarding accuracy ...

    When I was starting out with pistols/revolvers, 20+ years ago, I found I could reliably hit (during slow/aimed fire) within a handspan at 10yds, at least with a full-size "service" pistol (ie, 1911 Govt sized pistol, Beretta M92, Browning Hi-Power, or similar). But then I had some good guidance provided by a couple of expert marksmen. I was quickly able to reduce the typical spread to fist-sized, soon even when during relatively fast firing. Within months, at 7yds with some pistols I was able to carve out neat little 2in rings in the target, hole by hole, going around the circle until the cutout feel to the floor. Part of that was the pistol, which was well matched in pointing/weight/balance to my technique and skills; and part of that was simple practice, focusing heavily on marksmanship basics. Whereas, a 2in snubbie revolver and I just don't get along, POI-wise. I think the common phrase is "can't hit the broad side of a barn," or some such. Though, I daresay that that, too, could be dramatically improved with focus on marksmanship basics and practice.

    Patience. Decent marksmanship will come. And once you're competent and comfortable at distances, speed will come later, and you'll largely be able to maintain your accuracy (pretty much) irrespective of speed of shooting, at least within the 3-10yd range.

    Welcome aboard!
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    As for a .45, I had a full size M&P45 which was sweet. I was extremely accurate with it. In fact, it made me look good. I'm still working on getting as good with my M&P40c. In fact, even my mother-in-law, who had a chance to try out my wife's M&P Shield 9mm, my M&P40c, and my brother-in-law's M&P45 (was mine until I traded it to him for his Glock 23 which I promptly traded for my M&P40c) likes shooting the M&P45 better than the rest. That's the one she wants.
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    Welcome from Delaware! Welcome to the club, you'll be suprised how fast the group gets smaller. But just looking at that target, I'd say you stopped the threat!
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    Welcome from Virginia.
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    Welcome aboard linuss from the great state of Pennsylvania!

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    Welcome from South Carolina...
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    Hello, Linuss, and welcome from Missouri to this great forum. Good folks & LOTS of info here - enjoy!
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    Welcome to the forum

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    You might want to also try a SIG 239. The SIG tends to damp out some of the recoil.

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    Welcome from NE Ohio

    Well if he isn't dead he isn't happy lol. Looks like you did a mighty fine job there. I love my sr9c but I know it isn't for everyone. Good idea to shoot a few different kinds that are about what you want. You will decide what is for you. You know, with the 709 there is recoil there I never noticed to much recoil with the sr9c. What I really like about is with the extended mag I can wrap both my hands around the grip :) gives me better control.
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