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New California Resident with a Glock

This is a discussion on New California Resident with a Glock within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Forum Office category; Welcome from California. I have phoned the CA DOJ before and they are very helpful. As long as you're on the path to becoming legal, ...

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Thread: New California Resident with a Glock

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    Welcome from California.

    I have phoned the CA DOJ before and they are very helpful. As long as you're on the path to becoming legal, I'm sure that you will find that they will help you out and refer you to the best resources and proper paperwork. I would personally feel most comfortable obtaining advice from them rather than taking our advice on what to do. Google is your friend, just type in ca doj and go from there. I'm sure there will be a way for you to do this correctly and with the proper paperwork in order to become legal.

    I would however, take the advice from BigJon10125 and purchase a new firearm. I've never had to get a HSC but IIRC, if you don't have a CCW then a HSC is required only to purchase a new handgun and is not required just because you own a handgun just in case that's where you're going with that inquiry.
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    Welcome, as a former inmate of Commiefornia the best thing I can recommend for you is to check out

    Probably one of the greatest resources for california gun owners on the interwebz.

    As far as the voluntary registration finally got around to bringing the gun you had stored in Colorado into your new home stateand are now registering it...make sure you leave behind or disassemble any magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds as importing them or reassembling them within CA's border is a pretty big crime.

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    Welcome from South Carolina...
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    Not sure about the answer to your question, but I'd seek it from an "official" are not exactly in the most gun friendly state! Welcome from the Gulf Coast. Please help us and vote out Pelosi!!
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    Welcome aboard from the great state of Pennsylvania!

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    Welcome from the Midwest!
    Good to have you aboard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HKinNY View Post
    I am sure that you meant to post that the gun has been stored in Colorado for the last 3 years and you are now thinking about bringing it to Cali.

    Not sure but do not think Anaheim is a gun friendly section of Cali. You working for the Mouse?

    This may help
    this totally.

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    from Central Florida!

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    Welcome from Delaware!
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    Welcome from Michigan.

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    Welcome Aboard and Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
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    Welcome from Ky!

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    Welcome to the forum from SE Michigan
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    welcome from the panhandle of Texas

    I think you've already got enough good info on how to handle your problem, good luck
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