I am trying a new forum..

I am trying a new forum..

This is a discussion on I am trying a new forum.. within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To DefensiveCarry.com category; I have one question. I will ask it after some explanation; This is lengthy, but if I just ask the question I will get bombarded ...

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Thread: I am trying a new forum..

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    I am trying a new forum..

    I have one question.

    I will ask it after some explanation;

    This is lengthy, but if I just ask the question I will get bombarded with safety tips, caliber comparisons, what I should and shouldn't do... etc.

    Due to my experience in the first forum I tried, I will try and shape the question as best I can to avoid 95 percent of replies being information I did not ask for. I quickly learned that many gun enthusiasts are knowledgable and want to share it (too much..).

    I am not trying to tell any free blooded American what they can and cannot tell me.. I am just asking that if you want to truly help, please just answer the specific question I am going to ask.. so I may narrow down my research before I decide on what gun(s) I will look up, before I then decide to go to a gun shop to handle them.

    Please don't over-analyze my question since I have already decided how I want to carry. Please don't try to debate my choices that I have already made.

    The only reason I turned to a forum in the first place was to START to narrow down my choices in gun(s).

    O.k, I am getting there...

    Please believe that I am considering safety, and practicing to become proficient, and many other things other than the specific question I will ask.

    I want TWO guns (NOT THE QUESTION)

    I want a SMALL/LIGHT gun for concealed carry on my person (please don't tell me about what caliber is better, and whether or not I need IWB or open carry holster)....
    .... and a SLIGHTLY LARGER gun to have in my car (please don't tell me I need to lock my car, or bring the gun in at night, or that if my car gets stolen a crook can kill someone with my gun..).


    "What are some identical pairings of guns in a little/big brother style?"

    Before you answer;
    What I mean by this is; I want each gun to have all the buttons and levers in the same place and flick or press the same direction when I go to use it so I don't have to think about which gun I am using.

    I don't care about trigger pull length, but if one is double action I want the other to be also...

    I don't care about how hard I have to pull the trigger on each one. (Please don't elaborate on why that is important)

    I don't care about recoil.

    If one has the mag/clip release on the left side I want the other gun to have the release on the same side, in the same spot, and press/flick/operate the SAME way.

    Same ammo in each gun would be PERFECT. Don't care about what load is best for each gun, just want to buy the same bullets for each gun... I am not interested in maxing out the velocity I can get with a certain caliber.

    I did learn that some Glocks have interchangeable mags with different size guns.. (Please don't compare brands..)

    DON'T CARE WHAT BRAND THE GUNS ARE, just as long as they are the same..

    If one has the safety on the right side, I want the other to have the safety on the right side in the same spot, and work the same.

    If one has no safety, I want the other to have no safety...

    So if the above words have not got your fingers typing out a list of do's and dont's... please help me with this;


    One small for conceal carry is what I want.
    One slightly larger for car is what I want.

    Preferably same ammo.

    I will look up suggestions and get specs on them before I go and see them.


    The question again is; "What are a small/slightly larger pairing of guns that work exactly the same way?"

    That is what I personally am interested in.

    If you know of guns of the same brand that work the same way, though different sizes.. please tell me.. If you don't, please don't reply...

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    Well first... Welcome
    Glock 19 and 26
    S&W m&p and m&pc
    XD AND XD compact
    Berreta storm and storm compact.
    All of these are example of 2 guns with identical manuals of arms shooting the same ammo and even from the same magazine (from the bigger gun).
    There are others out there...
    Could you give us a bit more credit for your next post?
    By the way this was my 755th post! Look at my sig line to see why that's awesome!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    You might find is simpler to go to a gun shop and check out the various types of weapons that might meet your specifications.
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    Orlando, Florida
    Glock 19, Glock 26 9mm - also in 40SW and .357SIG as G23, G27 and G32, G33
    Smith & Wesson M&P Service 4", Smith & Wesson M&P 9C 9mm - also in .40SW
    Springfield Armory XD Service 4", Springfield Armory XD Subcompact 9mm, 40SW
    Kahr CW 9, Kahr CM 9 9mm
    Kahr CW40, Kahr CM40 40SW

    what you are looking for is called the concept of "battery".....same gun manual of arms, same caliber, ususally the smaller guns accept the mags of the larger guns.
    The above are a few that come to mind in the same setup and caliber.
    Good luck.
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    I use a Glock 19 and 26 to accomplish the task. Add to it the 19 mags will fit in the 26 as well is important. A added bonus is the ability to share the same holsters

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    Ruger SR9 and SR9c. Both 9mm polymer framed semis. Both can use the 17 round magazine that comes with either gun. (The 9c also comes with a 10 round mag). Both guns have identical workings. The difference is simply in size. The SR9c is a compact. The SR9 is full sized. The trigger on either gun is among the best ever made. Smooth as silk. The Ruger SR9c was the new handgun of the year in 2010.

    I own the SR9c (not the SR9). The gun is so easy to use and forgiving that it has made even me into a decent pistol shot.

    Nothing against the Glocks. They are very good guns too.

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    PA - FL
    Welcome aboard from the great state of Pennsylvania! Now, I would try to answer your question but fell asleep going through it.

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    Hello! Welcome from Southeast Kansas!

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    Welcome from Michigan!

    You have ready gotten your answer, but i will just say that five minutes in any decent gun store would have done that. Also, since you already "know" all of those things you stated, I must assume you are already expert in firearms. Which leads me to wonder why you do not already know about some of most popular platforms on the market. Now, if you are NOT already an expert on firearms, I respectfully suggest that you should consider at least some of those points you rejected in your first post.

    This is not to say you are wrong, rather, I am saying not to dismiss information that does not fit into your hypothesis. There may just be something you haven't considered, and a quick word from someone more knowledgeable could save you much time, money and effort.

    That's all I have to say. Good luck with your search. Stay safe out there.
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    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    I'd reply, but I'm afraid to break all those rules.

    Oh what the heck....Glock 19 and 26
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    Back home in Louisiana !!!!
    Welcome Aboard! Heckuva first post right outta the chute.......

    I'll mirror the jist of the replies so far, really any two flavors of the 'wonder-polymers' will do the job. Glock 19 and 26 and a full-sized, commander, &/or officers 1911 are the first two platforms to come to my mind.

    I can only add to see if there's a range close by that'll rent these 'like-sized' platforms and shoot 'em both (whichever sidearm you choose). Your confidence and comfort with your ulitmate choice is the deciding factor IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d2jlking View Post
    I'd reply, but I'm afraid to break all those rules.

    Oh what the heck....Glock 19 and 26
    +1... I'm scared. Can I say welcome to the forum?
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    I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it.
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    Welcome from Wisconsin! You've already received good answers to your question. I blessedly agree with them all so I don't have to worry about breaking any rules & won't elaborate any further.

    USN Submarine & UDT/SEAL Veteran
    1SG, US Army Retired - Airborne Infantry All the Way!
    Retired PI/Armed Security
    M&P40, M&P40C

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    Holmen, Wisconsin
    Ruger LC9,LCP

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    Steyr SA1 and MA1 in either 9mm, .375 sig or .40 S&W. MA1 mags will fit in the SA1

    There is also one that's a hybrid with sub compact grip and larger upper. I can't recall the model.

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