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A new guy fron England

This is a discussion on A new guy fron England within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To DefensiveCarry.com category; Originally Posted by Jeanlouise I'm surprised to hear that you own a gun though, I thought they were forbidden in England. It will be very ...

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Thread: A new guy fron England

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeanlouise View Post
    I'm surprised to hear that you own a gun though, I thought they were forbidden in England. It will be very interesting to hear the real story about gun ownership there.
    You should start a thread so people can ask you about it.
    Welcome from Fla, enjoy the fourm. Agree with Jeanlouise: what is gun ownership like in England??
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    Thank you all for making me feel welcome-you don't get this on our Uk sites,to answer a couple of qeustions,i'm English not welsh scotish or irish-not that there is any problem-im English and prefer not to called british, as Britain is all of the above put in one word,one of you members mentiond about camera's and the orwell thing-well i do not have that were i live, as i consider where i live to be the England you guys thinks it should be-but however there is a ring of truth about this in the bigger cities which i do not care for to much,and a member mentiond political correctness (well he was right on that one ) i don't think you guys would take it sitting down like we seem to do-but thats just my opinion,we in the UK are allowed to own firearms and belive it or not we have the right to,but our law says (if we have good reason)not for self defence,and as long as we do not suffer from any mental illness even depression and have not been to prison for more than 3 years,i myself have good reason to have a FAC (fire arms certificate)as i use it for vermin control .22lr (sako) and (1022) and competition-and 2 308's for target shooting,i have a slightly different FAC-which lets me shoot on any land as long as i deem it safe,when you get your FAC in the UK you have to ask the police for each weapon,then they will come round and vist you and if you have good reason for owning a particular gun they cannot deny you this by law,thanks guys again for making me feel welcome if you want to know anything please message me and i will reply as soon as i can.English vince

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    Welcome Aboard and Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
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    Hope you enjoy the forums.


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    Welcome from GA

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    from Central Florida!

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    Cheers mate from Chicago, Illinois!

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    Welcome again from Texas...just did a gun paper and england was part of it for those of you that are curious here is a quick short site British Firearms Laws that might help...
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    Welcome to the forum from SW Ohio.
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    Welcome from Milwaukee, Wisconsin>

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    Welcome from Colorado, USA!

    It's good to see others who support firearms ownership from other parts of the world, especially parts that appear to strongly opposed to such ownership for the common man. My wife was born in England (though she is Scottish from both parents) and lived there for the first seven years of her life and has nothing but fond memories of living there. I'd love to visit one day.

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    Welcome from Ohio.
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    Welcome from Alabama
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    Welcome aboard from east central Florida. It's good to have you, even if ya are a bloody Sassenach. Seriously having a view, from the inside of the Kingdom, will be be a great addition to the discussion here.

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    Alright English, I'm originally from England (Essex) but have been in the States for almost 10 years and have dual-citizenship. Welcome to the forum!

    To those unfamiliar with the differences between British and English, I'll try to break it down for you. England is one of the countries in Great Britain, along with Wales and Scotland. Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern Ireland are referred to as the United Kingdom. Note that while Northern Ireland is a member of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland is it's own country.

    It is a common mistake for Americans to think all guns are illegal in the UK. Firearms are highly regulated, but it is possible to own them over there. Handguns are banned (apart from black powder), but other firearms can be had, though the process is long and somewhat invasive. Public perception of firearms is generally skewed toward anti-gun and this is likely due toward the government message that guns are dangerous and if anyone needs to defend themselves then that's what the police are for.

    To illustrate this point, just before I moved to the USA there was a case that made national headlines about a farmer who was the victim of a home invasion. Two armed burglars broke in and the farmer used his legally-held shotgun to kill one and wound the other. The result of the court case was that the farmer was convicted of murder, went to prison for life and had to pay the court, medical and funeral bills for the burglars.

    Another case I heard of recently was that of a woman farmer who had squatters camping on her land. These "gypsies" as they call themselves pay no taxes and just wander around "living off the land" (i.e. trespassing and stealing). They were killing her chickens and leaving their waste in her fields. She was out taking care of some pests one day with her shotgun and came across some of the trespassers and asked them to leave, at which point the squatters threatened to slit her throat with a chainsaw. Later that day the police turned up at her door to take her firearms an revoke her licence, saying they had received complaints that she was threatening the squatters with a gun. No investigation, they just took her guns and let the squatters stay.

    Anyway welcome English! I hope I didn't hijack your thread too much mate.

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