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Newbie Training Request???

This is a discussion on Newbie Training Request??? within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To category; Welcome to the forum from Texas! The most important aspect of firearm handling for newbies or experts alike is safety. Ingrain the four basic rules ...

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Thread: Newbie Training Request???

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    Welcome to the forum from Texas! The most important aspect of firearm handling for newbies or experts alike is safety. Ingrain the four basic rules into your psyche from day one and you'll be good to go as you learn and develop technique.

    Clint Smith on Gun Safety - YouTube
    Gunga Galunga

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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Hello! Welcome from Southeast Kansas!

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    Welcome from Virginia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    Looks like there's a rifle/pistol shooting club right in Tonawanda: Mohawk Rifle & Pistol Club. Fairly decent rates, too, at $75/yr plus $3/visit. In many places around the country, it's much, much higher. I'm betting you could fine a few old salts who'd be willing to share their time with you, introducing you to some of the basics. It's amazing how many folks won't mind someone looking over their shoulder while they're cleaning, doing malfunction clearing drills, or similar.
    Couple problems with that club, I had already looked at it.
    1. Must be NRA member (personally I would love to become a lifetime member) but right now, every penny is being saved for my wifes schooling. The money I had set aside for my pistol and supplies was saved up over 2 years ago.
    2. "The initiation fee for regular membership is $ 40, the annual membership dues are currently $75. There is a $15 fee for the access card." Thats $130 just to join.
    3. Only Open "Daily: 8am - 10pm"
    4. "No Jacketed Ammo – NO EXCEPTIONS"
    5. "No rifles larger than .22 caliber."

    That means that if I ever purchase a rifle down the road (most likely a .308) This club wont work. Its expensive and its not open 24. Thanks for trying though, and thanks for those video. I had watched 1 or 2 already, but the rest were very informative.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kadelic View Post
    Welcome to the forum from Texas! The most important aspect of firearm handling for newbies or experts alike is safety. Ingrain the four basic rules into your psyche from day one and you'll be good to go as you learn and develop technique.

    Clint Smith on Gun Safety - YouTube
    Havent watched the video yet, but off the top of my head:
    1. Gun is ALWAYS loaded.
    2. Always keep pointed in safe direction.
    3. know your target and what is behind it.
    4. finger off trigger until ready to fire.
    5. The zombie apocalypse is coming.......... sorry had to have a little bit of fun.

    So far no contact. I HAVE found a "NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course", and wowza thats expensive!!!!!!!!! Its 87 miles away (which is frustrating, but manageable) and it is $80 for the 1 day class. I also found this Program Materials Center - Product Details but it is for a 5 pack, and also $80.

    It is very frustrating for me to see this safety material cost so much.

    In NYS:
    Federal backroung Check: $125
    Pistol Permit Application Fee: $45
    Pictures for permit: $15
    Fingerprinting: $115
    After permit is issued you have 30 days to purchase firearm, or start all over.
    On top of that, I applied 9/26/2011, and although notified I have gotten my permit, I have not picked up, that will happen on tuesday.

    I have jumped through hoop after hoop to get this thing here in gun-hating NY, and now I have to jump through hoops to learn safety.

    The laws here are so backward. As they are written, without a pistol permit, you cannot touch a handgun, even for safety/training. So in NY, you are required to own a handgun before you can learn safety, and find out what gun you like. I sure hope I like my LC9, but I cant try it until after I get it.

    Sigh...... still between a rock and a hard place (Start at 58 seconds)

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    Welcome from Delaware!
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    Welcome Aboard and Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
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    Welcome from GA

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    Youtube has a channel for a guy hickock45, he is real cool and explains things well, his videos might be able to give you some pointers. Usually there should be someone working at the range who would probably help you if you explain that you are just learning... Good luck bud.

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    Welcome from Ohio, DJ.
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    welcome from the Pacific Northwest..congradulations on your permit...CCW here is $45 for FBI/prints and like $40 for "handling" fuss-no muss...certainly not the hundreds you shell'd out...they must be mining their backdrop for lead..many ranges and most all indoor venues demand ranges required to have massive ventilation....Good Luck Acrid
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    $80 for a safety course is very reasonable. If you are not willing or able to make that kind of investment, then perhaps you should just lock the gun up until you can get some decent instruction /practice. Carry pepper spray in the meantime. The last thing you want to do is shoot yourself or an innocent bystander because you haven't had the practice to get to know your handgun.

    As for the LC9, they are fine handguns, but if you have large hands you may find the trigger to be less than ideal. It has a long trigger press that is more suited to someone with average length fingers, IMO.

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    Welcome from KY

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    from Central Florida!

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