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Hello from B.C. Canada

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Thread: Hello from B.C. Canada

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    Welcome from Virginia.
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    Welcome Aboard and Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
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    Welcome from Ohio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pythius View Post
    wow, didn't know that folks in BC could own handguns.

    how long does the permit process take?

    in NYC, my rifle/shotgun permit took 4 months.
    Ya, we can own handguns. In my case from the time that the authorities received my application to when I had the licence in my hand- 40 days.

    I had a "grandfathered" type of licence as I have had rifles/shotguns since I was a kid. However, it was a "posession only" licence, meaning that I could have them in my house, but not take them out or use them. I didn't worry about it for many years, as I didn't use the guns.

    Now that the kids are grown and gone, I'm thinking to get back into shooting as I loved it so much when I was a kid/young adult.

    I have to think hard here, so that I don't violate the "nasty" part of the rules :) ok just the facts.

    25 years back the Canadian Government brought in a new firearms act. It was primarily driven by politics, and unfortunately it was very poorly written leading to a lot of confusion in the firearms community. Many of the rules could (and can) be interpreted in a couple of ways, and if a Policeman wanted to see something a certain way, well then you were in a pickle.
    Any offence is "criminal code" so you had to go to court, get a lawyer etc. costing you thousands of dollars. We have some high profile examples of that going on right now. I won't bore you with the details, but some parts of the act are now being challenged in court.

    Basically it goe's like this: I have to have taken and passed a gun safety course, (8 hours classroom/practical) and if I pass that I am eligible to take the "restricted" (handgun) (4 hours classroom/practical) course. Upon successful completion of these courses, you can then apply for your licence. I think the pass/fail line is 80%, and from what I saw if you can't get at least 90% you are brain dead, it's that easy. Provided that you read the manual and pay attention in class!

    I download the appropriate forms from the R.C.M.P. website, fill them in. They are fairly straight forward, name etc etc. You also have to get two folks who've known you for two years to sign saying that you are not a nut bar.

    Pack that up along with $80 bucks, mail it off to the firearms center. Which in Canada is in Miramachi New Brunswick.don't ask LOL more politics, basically the east coast of the country.

    After a few weeks someone calls you and asks you several questions: are you recently divorced? have you recently lost your job? are you nuts? is your dog nuts? ok, not the last one! but the same questions as on the application form. They also ask you why do you want a restricted licence? the answer is target shooting, as any other answer will get you flagged for.... well huge delays.

    A while after that interview, they call your witnesses and ask similiar questions: do you hate school yards? do you hate other races? are you nuts? etc.

    They then do a background check to see if you are a felon. NOt sure what happens if you are, I didn't ask! then my licence arrived.

    Now comes the fun part: if I want to buy a handgun, I go to the gun store, pick one out and pay the man. Show him my licence. I then have to wait until I received a "short term authorization to transport" permit from the CFO in my provice (chief firearms officer) that will permit me to take the gun from the gun shop to my home, where it must be stored safely ie: trigger lock, safe etc.

    Then when I want to go to the gun range to shoot, I will need a "long term authorization to transport" (good for 5 years) and that will allow me to take the gun from my home to any range in my province, and to the border. No shooting in the bush, or anywhere other than at an approved range.

    Our "long gun registry" legislation has recently been overturned, meaning that all of our "non-restricted" rifles/shotguns are no longer needing to be registered with the government. As a result it seems that the applications for gun licences has gone up 20% in my area.

    Subsequently the provincial CFO office is way behind in approving licences, and STATT, and LTATT. I've heard that it can take weeks, all due to a Federal freeze on hiring/transfers of staff etc.

    Don't even talk to me about "carry" or "concealed carry" absolutely not allowed. Some folks who work in the bush, foresters, geologists can get a carry permit, but no one else.

    Aint it fun though? and ya, I am very jealous of you folks in the States!


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    Welcome from MD
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    Welcome from Western Kentucky.
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    Welcome from South Carolina...
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    Hello, Parallax, and welcome to this great forum - good folks and LOTS of info here.
    Geologist Bob
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    Hello! Welcome from Southeast Kansas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by parallax View Post

    A while after that interview, they call your witnesses and ask similiar questions: do you hate school yards? do you hate other races? are you nuts? etc.

    Never met a school yard I didn't like. (Never met a shooter who'd tear up a schoolyard, either.)

    Never hated races ... 'cept those that went straight up the mountain, or on for 20mi. Hated those.

    Got nuts in the back. Want some?

    Sounds like you've got a real sieve to navigate, there. My condolences, on the process. My true and sincere condolences on the fact that y'all can't carry. Sad, that having a People armed against threat is itself deemed a threat.

    Thanks for the overview, Laurie. It helps to understand how lucky we are, down here, that we've still got shreds of the Second Amendment dangling around. Now, if only we can find the needle and thread ...
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    Victoria, B.C.

    Welcome, From Victoria, B.C.

    From a fellow Canuckian that carries when I go South of the 49th parallel!
    CCW permit holder for Idaho, Utah, Pennsylvania, Maine and New Hampshire. I can carry in your country but not my own.

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    from Central Florida!

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    Welcome from Michigan!
    I used to live just south of you in Lynden WA.
    It's beautiful country out your way.
    Good to have you aboard.
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