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Hello from Illinois! Need some opinions please!

This is a discussion on Hello from Illinois! Need some opinions please! within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To DefensiveCarry.com category; Appreciate the warm welcome all! I had this happen to me last night, I grabbed my gun and as I was running back upstairs to ...

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Thread: Hello from Illinois! Need some opinions please!

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    Lightbulb thank you all!

    Appreciate the warm welcome all! I had this happen to me last night, I grabbed my gun and as I was running back upstairs to get my wife, my wife was opening the door (it was the police,they stepped far enough away from the peephole that she could see who it was, and as soon as I saw it was police I put my gun down right away on the floor in front of me and put my hands up. They asked why I answered the door with a gun and took my rifle and did a quick search of me (for their own safety,I understand) but they were parked 3 houses down across the street and without streetlights in my neighborhood, there's no way I could have seen that. I explained this to them, and they then spent the next 20 minutes asking me questions about my mental state and if I've ever been committed...?? They told be they were knocking doors to let people know about local burglaries, but then pulled my wife aside and told her there was a Firearm complaint...I don't understand why they would lie to me, but tell my wife the truth? They asked her if I've ever threatened anyone with the weapon, took pictures of it, etc. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't in the wrong for pulling out my gun, as its the first time I've ever had to do it. Very scary situation, but I felt justified. Just wanted to see what others would have done, to justify to myself that I didn't over react.

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    Welcome to DefensiveCarry.com from Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest!
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    Welcome from MD
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    Welcome Aboard and greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee.
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    So these brightest bulbs in the box,decided to bang on your door,fail to introduce themselves when asked to let you know there have been burglaries in the area.
    Then they give you crap because you were prepared to defend your home against a possible intruder!
    I would have asked them not only if they were ever judged mentally incompetent,but if COMMON SENSE is part of the Job Requirement to be hired by a Police Department in Illinois.
    The fact that they were investigating a gun complaint makes me wonder if you had company over and were showing off your gun,or had said something to somebody at work etc. about what you would do if somebody broke into your home.
    I'd also tell your wife unless she has ESP or X-Ray vision next time she can't identify for a fact who is outside she needs to leave the door shut and locked,otherwise she may just be opening the door to a ROBBER/RAPIST/MURDERER
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    Welcome from SW Lower Michigan!
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    Florida's Space Coast.
    Greetings and welcome from the Space Coast of Central Florida.

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    Welcome to the forum from SW Ohio.
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    Might be worth filing a complaint or at least following up with a supervisor. Not at all smart to bang on someone's door and not identify themselves. I'd be on edge as well. I can understand they're not used to encountering armed citizens since they're in the communist state of IL (assuming its not the south side of Chicago) but still common sense should prevail. Also, welcome from a fellow IL member.

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    wonder why the cops did not say "Police".

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    Those cops were out of line.

    They had no buisness questioning you about a gun in your house. As for the follow up questions, you dont have to answer diddly squat. Dont let them BS you.

    Yeah, I know its Illinois, but as some point in time you people are going to have to man up when it comes to your rights.
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    Moving - PM me if you want to know where
    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.

    Not much more to add.
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    Hello! Welcome from Southeast Kansas!

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    Welcome aboard from the great state of Pennsylvania!

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    Hello, Joe, and welcome from Missouri to this great forum. Good people & LOTS of info here. Agree with others - arm yourself, do NOT open the door, and call the cops.
    Geologist Bob
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