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Thread: Hello from Minnesota...Twin Cities Area...

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    Red face Hello from Minnesota...Twin Cities Area...

    Just signed up..wanted to say a quick hello and I'm looking forward to learning and joining in a few conversations. I currently own a Springfield XDM .40 for the home defense and a Ruger SR9c for the carry defense. I will be taking my CCW class on January 20th of 2013 and applying for the permit immediately there after. I have been on the fence whether to carry or not...Wife is not completely on board with me carrying. She is not against guns or against carrying..but she does not want me to carry around our little kids. Son is 5 and daughter will be 4 in July. She does not want me to carry around them until they are around age 9-10 so they can understand better just what it is that I carry..and just how dangerous guns are.. And I totally get that and at the age there are now I don't believe that they truly understand the dangers of a gun..other than what they see on TV etc.. So I agreed..that when I carry, it would not be around them. That itself is a little frustrating..because the whole point in carrying a gun, is to keep myself and my family safe. And I am around my kids like 95% of the time. Granted..the firearm is secure on my hip and I am in complete control of it at all times...but...she does not want me to have it on...when around the kids... I look at it this way..I married my wife because I love her..and I do respect her..if I didn't, why did I marry her? But is it really worth it to have the battles to carry around the kids? Seriously...is she going to divorce me if I do? probably not...but she does not hate guns now...and she does not care if I carry mine, just not around the kids...I think if I push it with me carrying around the kids and home all the time, I will push her to hate the fact all together. And not even welcome my ownership of guns at all. I have learned to choose your battles....it wasn't until just recently she learned that I had purchased the Ruger for carry...that went over great when she found it...NOT! She knew about my XDM...and was fine with it...but the fact that I dropped $400 on another gun when we are struggling financially? yeah..went over like a ton of bricks...I have also learned over the years that its easier to ask for forgiveness than it is for permission. She is over it now and accepted me having the new carry gun. And now even OK with me getting my carry permit..just not to carry around the kids..and I guess for now..I'm OK with that and will respect those wishes from her. Baby steps right?
    So...my thinking before all this came up, is that I would start training my son with and about firearms at the age of 7. Start small with a .22 and work up over the years...as he is ready...My daughter is a special needs child..and is slightly handicapped..not physically..and not really mentally..she is sharp as a tack..but a little developmentally delayed..she is and will catch up...but I may not be able to start her with guns to a little later than my son..will have to see how that plays out...

    So if I don't carry around the home and the kids...where would I carry? Well, I would carry around the home if I am not actively playing or interacting with the kids...yard work..etc.. Everywhere else...I would carry...and that brings up another issue. I work in downtown..Saint Paul. Pretty centrally located. But I don't park in downtown..I don't even park near my office.. I park about a mile from the office and walk in..and the walk in is through some questionable areas...and my workplace does not allow any weapons at all. So if I parked near the office..we actually have a ramp attached to our building, I would be leaving my gun locked in a safe box locked in my truck. But I don't..because I cant afford to pay for parking...I park a mile away and walk in because it's free and the exercise is good for the ticker. I would really like to have my gun on me while walking in though the questionable areas to work. Granted..I have been walking though this same area for many years and nothing has ever happened...but none the less, I would feel safer with it on me..now that I will be legally allowed to. Any thoughts on how to deal with it? I would never in a million years go against my companies rules against weapons. If I were to lose this job, I would lose everything..it would be very very bad. So anyone's thoughts?
    So anyway...that's my story..wanted to say hi...
    Oh yeah..I welcome any feedback on my situation...I'm guessing I am not the only one with a hesitant wife...or on thew workplace thing...
    Merry Christmas Everyone...

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    First, Welcome to the forum from SW Ohio. Now, on to one of your problems--your wife. I'd ask her first of all, where does she think "home invasions" occur? I can guarantee you, 100% of them occur AT HOME! So, doesn't it seem like a good idea to carry at home? Next, does she think that "evil gun" is going to just jump out of it's holster and go off and injure the kids all by itself??? If you have a good holster and belt, the gun will NOT come out all by itself. If need be, you can get a holster with retention so that the kids cannot possibly "grab" it out of your holster. Ask her calmly and cooly what she is afraid of? It seems she has an irrational "fear" of guns around the "little" kids, but it's going to be OK once they turn 9 or 10?????? From what you say, you got a gun to protect yourself and your family. It makes no sense to NOT carry! Just my .02. You'll find several threads on this forum where the issue of reluctant wives has been discussed at great length. Good luck and keep safe.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    from Central Forida!

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    Welcome to the forum!!

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    I used to live and work in downtown Mpls and walked to work (currently have a non-resident MN permit). Although, it's not illegal to carry at work in MN, it may cost you your job if your employer has a policy forbidding weapons. You will have to make a conscious decision regarding carrying concealed at work or not. Unless you can find an alternate location near your work site to secure your gun, the only two options I see for you are to leave the gun behind (locked in your truck) or carry it at work. By no means I am encouraging you to break company policy. OK?
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    Oh I know...wish there was place near my work that I could secure it...

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    Welcome from Kansas City


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    Welcome from SE Michigan.
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    Welcome from Western Kentucky.
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    Welcome from Delaware!
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    Welcome aboard from the great state of Pennsylvania!

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    Welcome from Wisconsin>

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    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.

    First, I will suggest that you invest in a quality holster which covers the trigger and provides adequate retention of the gun. Check out the MaxTuck from White Hat holsters Concealed Handgun Holsters and Holster Parts & Accessories - White Hat
    MaxTuck Black Cowhide-172.jpg

    Second, owning and carrying a firearm is a lifestyle choice. As parents, you and your wife need to have an open and honest discussion about how each of you would like to implement this lifestyle choice into your daily lives. Then the two of you will need to be in complete agreement as to exactly how your new lifestyle will become a part of your life.

    Lastly, a gun is one of many tools which can be used to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones. Having a gun when confronted by evil just might be the only tool which will give you the opportunity to hug your family when the confrontation is over. Be safe and remember that it is better to have a gun and not need it than it is to need a gun and not have it.
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