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Noob from South Carolina - Ammo recommendations?

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Thread: Noob from South Carolina - Ammo recommendations?

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    Note the advice above about placing your question in the proper section of the forum, you will get more and better answers there. A lot of folks don't follow the welcome section or leave detailed answers here.

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    from Central Florida!

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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Hello Noob and Welcome from SE Michigan.
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    Welcome to from Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest!
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    Welcome from the Midwest!
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    Welcome aboard from the great state of Pennsylvania!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuikCarry View Post
    Hello everyone,

    New from South Carolina and just received the G26 9mm for Christmas. Trying to find good ammo for the range
    as well as for defense, although I do not know the difference between 9mm +P / 9mm P+ ...etc. Any help would
    be much appreciated! Thanks for your time.
    If you're in the Columbia area, go to a shop called Lawman's, and pick up a box or two of Speer Gold Dot 124 grain +P 9mm ammunition.

    Great stuff. The "+P" designation means it's a hotter load, or has more powder, thus a higher muzzle velocity and energy than a non +P round. Typically 25% above if I recall. +P+ is one step above that, but not all guns are rated to handle +P+ ammo, and there is no standard for +P+ in regards to the overcharge, so it can be dangerous to the gun. +P however, works in pretty much everything for 9mm.

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    Welcome from Florence, SC...
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    Welcome from Southwest Florida
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    Hello, QuickCarry, and welcome from Missouri to a really great forum. Good people and info here!

    I'm thinking that P+ and +P are the same - basically means increased pressure over a standard load. +P+ is even more pressure than +P. Many experts think the additional "+" ammo is mostly hype vs giving any real advantage. As you'll hear often, the real key to stopping a threat is the same as the key in real estate: "location, location, and location" (of where you place multiple rounds in the threat).

    For good information on choosing SD ammo, check out this report:

    Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo

    If you are new to this handgun, self defense arena, consider taking some good SD instructional classes in addition to safety classes. I also recommend you check out the many free YouTube videos made by Massad Ayoob, a world-class instructor, who has recorded training sessions in Judicious Use of Force, Shoot to Live, Home Invasion, Preparation for Home Defense, and What to Do After a Shooting. Just Google his name and these topics and the YouTubes should show up. Very good instructinal information from an expert, and free.

    And, best wishes for a safe, prosperous New Year to you and yours.
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    Welcome to the forum from SW Ohio.
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    Welcome from Wisconsin>

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    Welcome from Ohio.
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    Welcome. As to your question about +P and +P+. These indicate that they are loaded to a higher pressure. Be sure to consult your owner"s manual to make sure your gun is engineered to handle these higher pressure loads. Shooting these loads in a gun not made to handle them can be dangerous.
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