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This is a discussion on Mag Safe rounds within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To category; Originally Posted by lancen Hello all, I just joined. I have a pea shooter - Beretta Tomcat which I really like. Plllllease, no long discussions ...

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Thread: Mag Safe rounds

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    Quote Originally Posted by lancen View Post
    Hello all, I just joined. I have a pea shooter - Beretta Tomcat which I really like. Plllllease, no long discussions on calibers. I'm interested in comments on the MagSafe rounds. In .32 the stats are very impressive; 1700 pfs and lots of ft/lbs. And guaranteed to fragment in the subject once entered. Seems pretty impressive. Whatdoyouthink?
    I have tried them a few times and I did like them. I think they fit a specific need. If you are
    defending in an apartment bldg where you can't afford to have stuff go through sheet rock into
    an adjacent apartment and still be able to inflict lethal penetration, then the fragmentation is something
    you should consider.

    Now to the downsides--- COST COST COST. These are very expensive so you don't get much
    practice time with them unless you have buckets of money.

    And then, on the smaller calibers, 32 and .380 you still have the ongoing ever present arguments on
    penetration, and "what if" clothing is thick as in winter time.

    If they were more affordable I would fill my .40 pistol with them which I use for HD. I don't the MagSafe
    could fly through my dry wall, insulation, and brick, go through my wood fence and into my neighbors
    house. I'm not so sure that a 180 gr solid .40 might not in an odd situation somehow penetrate all of that.

    For my .380--- many folks have posted here on the advantages of FMJ in this particular caliber
    and I am inclined to agree.

    Take your choice and hope you never ever ever ever ever need to use it.
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