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New to guns

This is a discussion on New to guns within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To category; I have taken a job in the inner city of Detroit and need to get a defensive carry pistol. I will need it primarily to ...

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Thread: New to guns

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    New to guns

    I have taken a job in the inner city of Detroit and need to get a defensive carry pistol. I will need it primarily to carry in my pocket to go from the parking structure to the office, a distance of 1 city long block each way. I have fired a gun once in my life, but intend to take training classes and get my CCW permit. Can you give me any recommendations. I see myself carrying it in my front pants pocket and being a rank novice would need something very simple to operate. Thank you for any advice you can offer.

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    Oh boy... prepare for an onslaught of opionions... go to a Gun store, touch and feel different guns, see what feels best TO YOU ! You may not like what I like. As far as guns go, there is a myriad of choices. Beretta nano 9mm,Beretta PICO .380, Kahr cm9, ruger LCR 38 / 257 snubby revolver, Smitha nd wesson bodyguard .380, ruger LCP.380, Ruger LC9, ruger LC .380, glock 26 / 27, Smitha nad wesson shield, Bersa .380/9mm/.40, XDs .45 acp ... this is just a few... then you have to think about what caliber... .380? 9mm? .40 cal? .45 ACP? .38 special or .357 mag? everything has a pro and a con to it. Do not impulse buy. Research the benefits of each gun, different calibers, and how they function...... Double action only or double action / single action? striker fired? Safety or no safety? mag safety or no mag safety? Also, you need to understand the laws of concealed carry in your state, how they effect you, where you can and cannot carry, and also your employers rules regarding the carrying of weapons.

    Aside from all of that..... My every day carry guns are either a Ruger SR40C or a ruger LCR .38 special revolver. The SR40C is striker fired for a consistent trigger pull each time of around 5-6 lbs. It is big enough for me to hold well, has good magazine capacity for its size ( 9+1 in the chamber) and it is easily concealed IWB. It is very accurate, easy to shoot and comfortable for all day carry. It does have a saefty that I do not use, and I removed the magazine safety.
    My ruger LCR is my pocket/ ultra discreet carry gun. It weighs 17 oz, has a 2 inch barrel, and fits anywhere I put it. I primarily carry it IWB in a remora clipless holster, or in the same holster dropped into the cargo pocket of my pants. It is an easy shooting gun, is very accurate out to 10 yds or so, recoil is easily managed in the .38, ....... and I like the taste Hope this helps you out. OH!!!!!! And dont be afraid to ask questions !!!!!
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    Welcome! I'm not an expert by I'll share my experience.

    My first hand gun was a Judge followed by a Sig Misquote, followed by a Glock 19. I started with the Sig because I needed an inexpensive way to learn the basics. Once I got some training I moved to the G 19. I picked up a few 45's as well. I shoot the Glock's best followed by an H&K. Like you, I wanted a small pocket pistol that I could use for summer carry. In April, knowing about the long trigger pull, the mag release and manual safety, I picked up a Ruger LC9.

    It took a lot of practice but now, I'm comfortable carrying the LC9.

    My thought is to try a few different small guns (LC9, Kahr PM9/CM9, Sig 290, etc) and see what works best for you. If you are willing to go a little larger look at the Glock 26 or Shield.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide.
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    Welcome from Ohio.
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    Welcome to the forum. In addition to what Taurahe said I would also rent and try as many as you can. Also check out youtube for some videos that may help you out. Keep in mind that you tube has more than it's share of idoits spewing out bad advice.
    Lots of good info on this forum take the time soak it all in all of us started as rookies and as long as you're open to learning no matter what you know you'll figure out what you need.
    Good Luck.

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    Welcome from Tennessee........the "Patron State of Shootin Stuff!"
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    Welcome from Virginia.

    As to your question. As to what gun to carry is a personal decision only you can make. Find a gun range that rents guns and try as many as possible, everything from compact to sub-compact guns. As a novice you may find the sub-compact difficult to shoot accurately. Also look at the smaller revolvers for pocket carry. The simplicity of them make them a good choice for a novice. However you decide to carry, invest in a good holster, for belt carry it will make a big difference in comfort and conceal ability. For pocket carry it will cover the trigger. Just shoving a gun in your pocket, without it being in a holster is a recipe for disaster.
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    First, check the state and local laws to make sure it is legal. Next, check you employer's employee handbook or rules to see if it is allowed. Next try different guns with whatever your daily dress is for concealment and comfort. Will it be on you all day or in a locked drawer in the office? When I was working, my carry gun had to fit my dress. Now that I am retired, I can dress around the gun. When I was working in the office, a Sig P238 .380 AP in my pocket was about the limit wearing slacks, a white shirt, and tie. Now that the Sig P938 in 9mm is available, I would look at them as a possibility.

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    Welcome from Concord NC. To be honest with you only you can answer your questions. Start shooting, renting and reading. Don't forget all the opinions on you tube.

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    from Central Florida!

    Good luck on that block long walk in DaTwa!

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    I'm 60. Walking a long city block never bothered me when I was younger. Walking 100 feet now usually hurts some to really hurts to I gotta sit down NOW. I pocket carry a 380 or 22. I got 40+years experience with guns.

    If I was a newbie like you I would strongly consider a DA/SA snub nose revolver in 38+P or 357.

    Good Luck kiddo

    BTW welcome to the Forums
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    Welcome to the forum!!

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    Welcome from Wisconsin!

    There are so many varieties of handguns available that it's really hard to make recommendations by long distance. Don't just limit yourself to pocket carry. There are many mid-size & compact guns that lend themselves well in an inside the waistband or outside the waistband holster that offer good concealment & fast easy access along with comfort.

    In your case go to a local gun shop & if they have a range try renting several handguns. Get your training first so you have at least a working knowledge of firearms, basic shooting skills & safe handling.

    I can recommend from personal experience S&W's M&P series & Glock. Both manufacturers make many sizes of guns in many different calibers. A gun doesn't necessarily have to be ultra small for good concealment as I'm sure you'll find out. Your main goal should be your defense & if you have to go to a small hand cannon to achieve that because it's the one you shoot best & are most comfortable with then so be it.

    Good luck & start working on that concealed carry permit. Your instructors would be a first source of recommendations then use Google & YouTube & sites like this for your own personal research. The final judge will be you.

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    Welcome to Defensive Carry from Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest!
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    welcome from Alabama
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