New in Dallas

New in Dallas

This is a discussion on New in Dallas within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Forum Office category; If this shows up twice, my apologies. I'm in the market for a personal protection handgun. I had a scary experience this weekend which ended ...

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Thread: New in Dallas

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    New in Dallas

    If this shows up twice, my apologies.

    I'm in the market for a personal protection handgun.
    I had a scary experience this weekend which ended in the parking lot of the police department. A man followed me for over an hour, cutting across traffic when I tried to exit quickly, u-turns. I called the police and they directed me to their front door. Surprisingly, he not only followed me into their parking lot but continued to follow me as I circled the PD parking lot 3 times waiting for police to box him in.

    By God's grace, I filled my gas tank earlier or wouldn't have had the option afforded me.

    I learned 2 things: 1) I want a gun and 2) I was way more shaky than I would've expected of myself prior to this incident.

    This means I want a really simple solution. My brother (the cop) recommends a revolver (and pepper spray and a tactical flashlight, etc, etc--he loves me). I was raised on a farm and introduced to guns early on. Great memories shooting bottles at the dump. I was also in the Navy and had some very basic training there. However, I've never selected or purchased my own gun.

    I'm interested in hearing your experiences in selecting your first gun for personal protection. Particularly women.

    I intend to practice frequently--found a great place with indoor range and a $5 ladies night every week. Sounds like fun, but cost of ammunition is a variable as well. There is a class for intro to handguns where I can also test-fire 15 different handguns.

    I've held quite a few (revolvers and pistols) and am leaning towards a Ruger LCR 38 Spec because it was markedly more comfortable than some of the others to hold and carry. I'm looking forward to comparing it to others.

    So I'm soliciting your advice on how and where to buy. Any tips on things to consider?

    I look forward to hearing your experiences.
    Nice to meet you,

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    Main considerations for concealed carry are, in no particular order (but you pick most important to you): access, comfort, concealability, retention. For defense against car jackers or psycho-bold stalkers in the police parking lot, especially if you spend a lot of time stopped in town, consider a cross-draw holster or at least one that you can access fast in the front in a seated position. My favorite is the Fist Driving Holster (#42). Video here.
    Yes, it's not cheap. There may be less expensive options just as good. But not only is it a one-time (per gun) good purchase for a good reason, it may be best to start with the best than to rack up the same amount on mostly useless holsters. Anyway, one thing about this one is that, for me, it's not most concealable. So you'll need some blousey cover. I know, in Dallas, your choice will be extremely light mostly.
    Others here with more experience, especially with women's style, will offer advice.
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    Welcome from Central Texas!!!!!!

    LCR 38sp is a great gun!!!!!!
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    Welcome to Defensive Carry from Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest!
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    Howdy from Ohio...good to have you in the house! Thankful for God's grace, mercy and strength to get you through that scary ordeal. Glad to hear you are safe and taking the next steps of safety for yourself!
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    Welcome from Ohio.
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    Welcome to the forum, from Virginia.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm glad your "experience" turned out okay.

    I like the idea of taking the class that allows you to try out 15 different firearms. You would get lots of opportunities to make a decision on a particular firearm.

    If you haven't viewed the Cornered Cat website (Cornered Cat | If you have to fight, fight like a cornered cat.) yet, I encourage you to view that site. It's a great site, and not just for women.
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    Greetings from Richmond/Rosenberg, TX

    There are Gun Clubs and Classes specifically for women. I myself never shot a handgun till November 2012 (I'm 63). I had an experienced friend take to me a range and i was instructed in gun safety and shot some of his firearms. I felt it important to get a good BASIC HANDGUN 101 class. It was well worth the money. There are great compact and subcompact semi-autos, that are easy to operate and conceal. There are also great revolvers (Like the LCR). If there is a problem pulling the slide back to charge the battery, then a revolver is a great choice.

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    Hello! Welcome from South East Kansas!

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    Try as many guns as you can get your hands on (Borrow/rent at range), then buy the model you feel most comfortable with. You also might want to try reposting the question in a more appropriate area of the forum. (Defensive Carry Guns.)

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    Welcome from PA. the class you are taking will be great since you can handle and shoot multiple weapons. find one that is most comfortable for you to shoot. the LCR is a great gun, and the 38 special is a good defensive round. i would take your brothers advise and hold on to it. revolvers are good, but so are semi autos. find the gun you are comfortable with, not what someone else tells you. good luck in your class and hope you find a gun that you like and that you can shoot well. Happy shooting.
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    Georgia..South of the mountains, north of the sand flies.
    Welcome from GA!!
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    As others have advised you try as many different guns that you can before buying. If you don't have that opportunity then research & when you finally make your decision shoot as much as you can. Even a gun that's not suitable for you can work out once you know its characteristics inside & out. Muscle memory will prevail.

    Stay safe & always be aware of the situation.

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    Welcome from Wisconsin!

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