New Member, but old customer!!!

New Member, but old customer!!!

This is a discussion on New Member, but old customer!!! within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Forum Office category; I will be traveling through Illinois in a couple of day, up to WI for the 110th Anv. HD and was wondering about your thoughts ...

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Thread: New Member, but old customer!!!

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    Question New Member, but old customer!!!

    I will be traveling through Illinois in a couple of day, up to WI for the 110th Anv. HD and was wondering about your thoughts on my TN CWP going up there. All good in WI, but ILL does not reciprocate or honor TN?????

    Thanks Rowlmar

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    Welcome to the forum!

    IANAL, but I think the new regs in IL allow you to transport your firearm, but not to carry it outside your vehicle. There are many others here that have been following the Illinois situation very closely, and I am sure one of them will come forward with the statutory information for you.
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    Dude...Illinois is America's last Gulag bastion of head up their collective butt's politicians. They are the last state in The Union to get CCW for the citizens there. I don't exactly live in the heartland of conservatism but it sure ain't no Kommiefornia or Taxxachusetts either. I can't say to answer your quandary.

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    from Central Florida!

    I would not venture into IL for any reason, but that's just me. With all the recent anti/progressive 'trick moves' to follow court orders, those corrupt politicians in IL are making it as clear as mud about anyone with guns. I'd unload and lock up all guns for travel through that state...if you HAVE to travel in IL.OMOYMV

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    Quote Originally Posted by rowlmar View Post
    I will be traveling through Illinois in a couple of day, up to WI for the 110th Anv. HD and was wondering about your thoughts on my TN CWP going up there. All good in WI, but ILL does not reciprocate or honor TN?????
    Personally, if making that trip I would do so as quickly through Illinois as possible, at least until their transition to a sane and rational "carry" state is finalized. They're going to be "in flux" for awhile, I think, until they understand firearms alone aren't a crime. I wouldn't want to be a test case, during this transitional period. I would keep it zipped up in the trunk, for the duration of being within IL borders. But that's just me.

    Welcome to the forums, by the way. Enjoy!
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    I avoid traveling armed through Ill at all costs. Since I have nothing planned to head south in the near future I haven't been keeping track of the new laws there. I know they have a concealed carry law in effect or about to be in effect but as far as traveling through the state I have no idea although I heard that if your firearm is locked in the trunk & empty you're okay. So far I haven't heard of one Ill resident that received a CCL & the last I heard it'll go at a snail's pace.

    Have fun in Milwaukee. Bring money! We need it, lol. Carry your gun legally anywhere without a gunbuster sign, openly or concealed. Make sure you have your CC license & if it doesn't have a picture attached to it your drivers license or other official ID, too. We are not a shall inform state so if stopped by the PoPo you don't have to tell them that you're armed & licensed unless as a courtesy. Most cops appreciate being told around here according to my LEO son. If you carry in a building that's posted & are caught it's against the law so either don't carry or conceal well & don't get caught, lol. In most cases you can have a firearm locked securely in your vehicle in in the parking lot of a firearms banned business.

    In the past this city hasn't hassled la Turista especially for events like Harley Davidson days. I think you'll have a cordial welcome. We opened our arms at the 100th & I don't expect anything different for this one. HD is a well respected manufacturer/employer in these parts & all of us are proud as can be of them.

    I'm not a rider but my buddy is with his Willie G. Special so maybe you'll see me at the festivities sometime in the week. Look for two guys on a motorcycle carrying, lol.

    Above all have fun!

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