Hey, From Florida

Hey, From Florida

This is a discussion on Hey, From Florida within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To DefensiveCarry.com category; Hey all. New here from Gainesville, FL. I am a member on a few other forums but just recently found this place. I have had ...

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Thread: Hey, From Florida

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    Hey, From Florida

    Hey all.

    New here from Gainesville, FL. I am a member on a few other forums but just recently found this place. I have had my CWL for just about one month. My EDC is a Bersa Thunder 380 in the 3 o'clock. Hope to find out more than I ever thought I needed to know about defensive carry and training tips. Gratz.

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    welcome from michigan
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    Howdy from Ohio...good to have you in the house!
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    Welcome to Defensive Carry from Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest!
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    Moving - PM me if you want to know where
    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.
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    Moving to a new location

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    Quote Originally Posted by sircrazy View Post
    Hey all.

    New here from Gainesville, FL. I am a member on a few other forums but just recently found this place. I have had my CWL for just about one month. My EDC is a Bersa Thunder 380 in the 3 o'clock. Hope to find out more than I ever thought I needed to know about defensive carry and training tips. Gratz.
    Welcome from Central Florida. First thing to do is Google "Gutmacher concealed carry" and buy his book. It is the authoritative book on Florida gun Laws. It answers all the questions you may have or do not even know to ask yet. It can keep you out of jail.

    The second bit of advice is to take a real training class. Do not get any defensive advice from the internet. There is a lot of bad information out here, both tactical and legally. Reading about what to do will not help you one bit when it comes time to use it. I know guys who have been carrying for a few years who did not know that they could not draw their gun while strapped into their car with a seatbelt, how to bring your gun to bear on someone at the driver's side window without hitting the steering wheel or rolled up window. Learning to point shoot is also important as conflict often happen quickly and needs a quick response that cannot wait for proper sight alignment or proper grip/stance.

    As we all learned in the Zimmerman case, we are often flat on our backs after being cold cocked before we know we are in trouble. it is therefore important to practice warding off blows with on hand and drawing with the other, shooting from a prone position, etc.. Most new shooters do not even know what they do not know. No disrespect because I was once where you were and had to learn over the years from those with more experience, after initially thinking I could read books and learn on my own. I guess if that was possible I could become a brain surgeon through a correspondence course. :) A few training courses are worth their weight in gold and can save your life. Shooting at paper targets does not prepare you for a real gun encounter and in fact, can create bad habits.

    If you are an abled bodied man, you should consider a 9mm. With the right ammo, the recoil is not much more than a lightweight .380 and the difference between the two ballistically is very significant. There is a reason why no LEO agency uses a .380. The main problem is that it averages only 10 inches of penetration and does not expand reliably despite all the watermelon and water jug tests you see on YouTube. Not putting down your choice of guns as I have a Sig P238 and owned a lot of .380's until I was faced with almost having to use it and I really wished I have carried my .357 or 9mm that day. The military trains women and men of all sizes and shapes to use a 9mm and I am confident you can learn too with professional training. I train retired men and woman to shoot and 70 year olds are carrying and shooting 9mm guns with little or no problem. Just consider using a caliber that can meet the minimum FBI standards. Many will say you do not have to shoot through barriers but tell that to the home owner defending his life from a home invader shooting at him from behind a refrigerator door, corner or piece of furniture. How about if there is a carjacker outside your car door? Do you ask him to wait while you roll down the window or fire through the door or glass window. A .380 is a poor performer in these circumstances. However the choice to be fully safe or partially safe it an individual one but these days you can pocket carry any of the popular calibers used by professionals. My recommendation for value and effectiveness would be the Kahr CM9 which fits easily in a pocket and carries well on a belt. If you like revolvers, the gun that S&W sells the most of despite the popularity of the semi auto, is the model 642 with the shrouded hammer. There is also the new XDs 9mm, Shield, Clock 26/19, PPS and a few others. Something for everyone. Do what you want but give 9mm serious consideration as it can save your life in more situations than a .380 can and there is a difference in feeling safe and actually being safe.

    Use a good gun belt. I never did until a few years ago and it makes a world or difference. Get a good holster. None of those cheap nylon ones. The hybrids like a Galco King Tuk. Old Faithful, Crossbreed, etc. are the most comfortable in my opinion. Use good JHP ammo and make sure that it feeds in your carry gun. I like Hornady Critical Defense FTX for .380 because it's design makes it a reliable expander and gives it 10" of penetration through 4 layers of denim. That is about the best you can expect with a .380. Not good for hard barrier penetration though.

    Always carry, even after the novelty of carrying wears off and you start feeling the gun digging into your side and never having had a need for it yet. That is when most start becoming psychics and only carry when they think they need to. Get into the habit of carrying your gun all the time, just like your wallet, whether you think you need to or not. Once you stop carrying it all the time you will carry it less and less until you stop altogether. I know a lot of guys who got to that point.

    It took me 30 guns and many thousands of rounds of ammo to learn what I know today. Guns are like shoes. You never know what will fit you until you wear them for a few weeks and by then it is too late to return them for a full refund so we tend to keep them but wear them infrequently. Few people are still carrying their first carry gun even though they swore they could only afford or want just one gun. :) Keep an open mind and remember that the goal is to find a gun that works as a good defensive tool and not one that looks pretty or impresses others.

    Dress around your gun. Do not put fashion before your safety. If you make the effort you can find fashionable clothes that also work well to conceal your gun. Comfort fit jeans in popular brands work well. You may have to go up a size in pants depending on the gun but my workaround is to buy pants that have both belt loops and hidden elastic in them so that they scan stretch to accommodate even a fat Glock. Wear untucked shirts, they are in style now anyway. Get shirts with patterns on them as they disguise any signs of your gun grips as you move about.

    I know this is more than what you were expecting from a simple greeting but I train a few new shooters a year who get their ccw licenses and then either learn the hard way or never learn at all and go blissfully about their lives thinking that because they are carrying a gun they are prepared to use it defensively. There is not one person who teaches self defense that will not agree that range shooting is nothing like the real thing. Hope some of these tips will help you and prevent you from wasting a lot of money like I did to find the right gun, belt and holster.
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    from Central Florida!

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    Crabtown , Maryland
    Welcome to the site from Maryland
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    Welcome from South Carolina!

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    Welcome from Ohio.
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    Welcome from PA. Stay safe and happy shooting.
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    Welcome from Ohio.
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    Welcome from Virginia.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome from Wisconsin!

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