New Zealand hunting

New Zealand hunting

This is a discussion on New Zealand hunting within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Forum Office category; Not sure if right place but read with interest the various queries on guns. In New Zealand there is strong control over owning guns especially ...

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Thread: New Zealand hunting

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    New Zealand hunting

    Not sure if right place but read with interest the various queries on guns. In New Zealand there is strong control over owning guns especially pistols or military high capacity semi auto's ie ar15, 10 etc.

    We have no restrictions on calibres and in general no limits on what you can shoot as every animal is introduced unlike the US, Canada where you have a wide range of native animals most of which I saw back in 1980 when toured from San francisco up to Fairbanks and back by car. Even went to see where Mr Custer got beat up at Little Bighorn never realised the guy was so small looks like a kid. Your wildlife is great to see the variety and differing landscapes are superb.

    We shoot Thar, Chamois, Pigs, red deer, fallow deer, sambar deer, sika deer, elk, Wallabies, rabbits, Hares, Oppossums and wild sheep and cattle. When you see Canadian geese or Magpies shoot those as well. I spent 2 seasons shooting for the NZ Forest Service culling pest animals so one of many kiwi's that got paid to shoot for a living. These days alot of pest control is done via shooter and helicopter ( Hughes 500, Robinson 22) the shooters use .223, 12 gauge and the guy from Hamner nails about 3000 red deer a year 99% head and neck shot from a moving helicopter with a .223 - "Ace" is his nick name and well deserved.

    The trend of Magnum guns and ar type weapons is relatively recent in NZ most people hunt rather than shoot at paper so focus is on gun being accurate <1moa, having a scope and mainly in the .222 to .270 calibres. For Thar the 7 REM and other Magnums work better on the larger bulls also shoot 400-700 yard ranges.

    Ammunition is expensive here compared to US so reloading is popular and allows better accuracy outcomes. Brand types like Sako, Sauer, Blaser, Steyr are what most of us would like to own. Scopes such as Kharls, Nightforce, Smit & Bender, Leica, top end Leupolds also are on the would like to have list. Myself have a Wyndham VEX varmiter which I have tuned that shoots 1/2MOA, a Vanguard 22-250 that shoots 1/4MOA and a 1980's Voere Voehnbach Titan11 7REM which is op end German engineering and that also does,1/2MOA. Hand reloading all calibres.

    Amongst the guys I shoot with you buy a rifle on the basis of (1) accuracy first (2) scope quality second (3) in a calibre you can handle. Stainless steel is more available now so bit easier to take care of. Most of us use range finders in the more open mountain country. If all of mates get together the most rated weapon for accuracy is the vanguard 22-250 it is superb, for hunting the Wyndham is second and for all round probably mates Steyr 243 or Sako 308 especially as both have Swaroski scopes.

    Anyone with loading data for .223/Nato5.56 for a 20 inch varmit barrel ar format. Presently I use 55gn V max with 26.9gn CFE223 but would like to try heavier heads for Thar ie 65gn approx???

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    Welcome to the forum, only been to Christchurch one time for an Operation Deep Freeze mission but our leg was canceled at the last minute. I don’t remember if it was the Blue Heron or the White Heron Inn in Christchurch but had a great time and met lots of good folks.
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    from Central Florida!

    The 'reloading members' will be here soon...

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    Welcome to the forum from the Arizona desert!

    I was fortunate to have a month's exposure to your country in the early 90's... I was doing some engine diagnostic work on the BAe146 fleet Ansett NZ had at the time. I flew jump seat for dozens of flights, and did my sightseeing mostly at 4 miles up, from Auckland to Invercargill. I'd love to return for leisure and recreation some time.
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    Welcom and great country man. The guns laws are probley some of the best you can get outside of USA for english speaking country . I mean silencers are over the counter and auto loading rifle are still ok .Now if you can just fix that whole no guns for SD laws and allow carry that be perfect .

    I been all over the country a while back had a lot of fun . Pretty land . If I had to ever switch countires I would pick NZ or the Czech Republic

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    Howdy from Ohio...good to have you in the house!
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    Welcome from So Cal! Sorry I am no help on your questions but thank you for the detailed post. Very enjoyable read. Good luck!

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    Welcome from Wisconsin, Mark!

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    Welcome from Ohio!
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    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.
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    Moving to a new location

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    Hello! Welcome from South East Kansas!

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    Welcome from Virginia.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    If your primary interest is long arms we have a rifle and shotgun area, and a reloading section for your posting enjoyment.

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    Welcome from Delaware!
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    Welcome from S.C.

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