Young Pre-Carry permit researcher

Young Pre-Carry permit researcher

This is a discussion on Young Pre-Carry permit researcher within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Forum Office category; Hello and greetings from Alabama! I stumbled upon this forum while in a mountain of research regarding my soon application for a carry permit. I ...

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Thread: Young Pre-Carry permit researcher

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    Young Pre-Carry permit researcher

    Hello and greetings from Alabama!

    I stumbled upon this forum while in a mountain of research regarding my soon application for a carry permit. I have SOOOO many questions that I feel the members here will have good insight into, and look forwards to discussing these with you guys and gals.

    Would it be best to post these in a formatted form (as they vary in topic) here in this thread or do I need to make a new thread for them?

    Either way, glad to be here. And look forward to learning from your guy's experiences.


    (Yes I did accidentally misspell my username while registering :)
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    Welcome from Memphis.
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    Welcome! Take a look at the description for each of the sub forum and post the appropriate questions in there. IE, if you have a question about what type of carry gun post it in the defensive carry gun forum, if you have a question about how to conceal a weapon then the concealed carry discussion forum.
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    It is best to ask questions individually (e.g. one or two per post) in the correct Sub-Forum, starting new threads.
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    welcome from Wisconsin

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    Hi from TN. Get yourself a good Glock 19, and dont let these 1911 types lead you astray.

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    Welcome to the forum. It is always a good idea to look through as many of the thousands of existing posts as you can because very often your questions are the same ones other people have asked - and there are already LOTS of answers here. Use the search function to help you.
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    Welcome from Virginia.
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    Hi SoutherBoy! Welcome to the forum from Texas. This is a great place to learn and to share! I carry a 3rd Gen Glock 30 SF. Congrats on making the decision to get your carry permit and to defend yourself and your loved ones.

    First, you can send a message to the moderators asking them to correct your user name. I actually changed my username awhile ago.

    Second, use the search function to search for threads that might answer your questions. The best sub-forum for concealed carry issues and questions is the, appropriately named, Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions

    Don't be shy and post your questions! We're mostly gentle but we're also extremly honest. So you'll get a lot of good answers and great info.

    Carry Always, Never Tell!

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    Welcome from Norfolk, VA

    Glad to see you're looking for answers on DC. It means that you're probably serious and sensible when it comes to personal protection. Remember to stay safe!

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    The two biggest "issues" that I personally had at first was getting used to having a loaded firearm with me, and feeling self-conscious when carrying like everyone knew I was carrying. Training and practice got me past the first issue quickly, and hearing from others that the initial uncomfortable feeling for the first week or two was fairly common helped with the second. It never hurts to ask questions, and usually you will get a lot of good feedback.

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    Welcome to the forum from Tennessee.

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    Welcome from Minnesota! I'm norther, myself.

    I've found this to be an excellent site for learning about carry. ShooterGranny is right, there's plenty of info already covered somewhere in here, but don't be afraid to ask anyway. Everybody loves talking guns, even topics that have been discussed at some point.

    Just be sure to follow the forum rules, or (as I was once wisely advised): "SIXTO will literally break the internet in half and beat you across the neck with it."
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    Welcome to the forum from "Elder516" in Maryland ................................. I did it on may post too . Have a great time .
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoutherBoy View Post
    Would it be best to post these in a formatted form (as they vary in topic) here in this thread or do I need to make a new thread for them?
    Definitely, post specific topics and questions for discussion into their appropriate forums. Works best, that way. Folks can find the discussions they want to participate in; you can garner the greatest responses to your questions. Win/win. But, dumping the "good" stuff into an introduction forum that isn't frequented by folks, and you'll find you rarely get great play on your discussions.

    Welcome to the forum, BTW. Dive right in, the water's fine.
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