Hello from SLC, UT

Hello from SLC, UT

This is a discussion on Hello from SLC, UT within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To DefensiveCarry.com category; Hi all, I'm Lea, 24, female, queer Carried my first day today. Went to work, lunch with my coworkers, and the gas station. Learned a ...

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Thread: Hello from SLC, UT

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    Hello from SLC, UT

    Hi all, I'm Lea, 24, female, queer

    Carried my first day today. Went to work, lunch with my coworkers, and the gas station. Learned a bit, caught my gun becoming uncovered a few times (it worked fine at home in front of the mirror, but not so much in real life) but nobody said anything. Maybe I was being paranoid, but it definitely came uncovered once.

    I told one of my colleagues/friends that I was going to start carrying sometime and to tell me when he notices. He didn't say anything - so far so good :-)

    Of the friends I've told (because who doesn't like to tell their friends about the cool stuff they're doing?), one asked me to tell her when I was carrying around her. I don't really know why it's any of her business, but she wants to know. The other couple of friends think I'm paranoid. After all, I live in a good area in freaking Utah, there's no crime here. I don't think I'm going to tell many more people, in my circles it seems to incite fear and condescension.

    But a lot of thought and 6 months of happenings caused me to decide to start carrying. I took a class in January and got my permit in March. Starting to carry now just this week.

    After being -

    1) assaulted last summer by a group of high schoolers with baseball bats. I gave dispatch their license plate number on the phone with 911 but they seemed pretty disinterested in helping me. 40 minutes later the cops showed up, but luckily the kids scattered when they realized I was on the phone with the police. I told the officer I wanted to file assault charges against the whole lot, but since I didn't know their names, I apparently can't? (note to self: ask the name of any criminal about to do harm to me) They began to accuse me of harboring a runaway???? It was pretty weird, but apparently one of the kids involved was a runaway. (note to self: Don't call the police when someone assaulting you is a runaway) So I stopped answering questions and asked to leave, and did so. No lasting injuries, a bit bruised and a sprained wrist, but I was mostly just ANGRY.

    2) nearly raped this fall - the assailant wanted a smoke more than he wanted to have sex with me I guess. He was really drunk, so I offered him a cigarette and outside he went. SLAM AND LOCK AND CALLED THE COPS! YIKES! He pounded on my door yelling until the cops got there. The cops found him laying on my patio, moaning and pounding on the door. It was someone I've seen around and talked to a bit, relative of a neighbor. The cop called me to tell me it was safe to come out and talk to them after they got rid of that dude, but after my previous incident with the police I wanted none of it. So I told them thank you good bye. And then I stayed awake for 5 nights straight.

    3) having my car broken into three times in three months this winter in my driveway 15 feet from my bedroom window. The only thing stolen was a phone charger. I have no idea why someone would toss everything in my car around three times just to steal my phone charger the third time. I had a tool set and a bag with a couple hundred dollars of climbing gear in it, but none of that was stolen. I think we have bad criminals here. I no longer keep anything of even marginal value in my car.

    - I decided I'd rather not become a victim again. And I think I'm lucky for getting out of those situations mostly unhurt.


    The biggest thing I noticed carrying my first evening out a few days ago and since, and now carrying the whole day today, is the weight! It felt like a thousand pounds were pulling me down. It felt like I was walking funny. (My gun's the only known 1000 pound Shield 9) (1lb 8oz loaded, I just checked) Actually by the end of today I hardly felt it. I think I'll get used to it.

    Am I saying a lot for an introduction? Lots of good information here from what I've read.

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    Welcome Aboard and Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
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    Welcome from Ohio!
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    Welcome from Pa. I have a good friend that lives in SLC, been there twice, my favorite Western state. Be careful.

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    Hello and welcome!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Interesting intro
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    Welcome from Wisconsin, Lea!

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    Welcome from Virginia.
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    Hello! Welcome from South East Kansas!

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    Welcome from St. Charles, MO!
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    Hello and welcome from N. Alabama, enjoy the site.
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    Hi Lea. Welcome from Texas.

    It takes some getting used to and trial and error with a variety of holster and clothing combinations to learn what works best for you, but you'll get it figured out. Feel free to ask questions on the forum or with private messages. I have found people here to be very helpful.

    I've been to SLC once - beautiful area.

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    Enjoy the forum........................
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    Welcome from Wisconsin ...
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    Welcome to the forum from Tennessee.

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