Missouri youngest State

Missouri youngest State

This is a discussion on Missouri youngest State within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To DefensiveCarry.com category; Since Missouri is one of the newest to join the Conceal Carry States there will be more and more finding locations like this. I've noticed ...

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Thread: Missouri youngest State

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    Smile Missouri youngest State

    Since Missouri is one of the newest to join the Conceal Carry States there will be more and more finding locations like this. I've noticed several locked threads that seem to restrict Politics. Sorry this forum feels that way.

    We've battled hard for 12 years and have one of the most restictive 'shall issue' laws. Liberals will bang and hammer to remove what we've earned but politicians will learn that collectivly we are a force to contend with as we prove the bleeding hearts are WRONG and Dodge City shootouts will not happen with law-abiding citizens.

    I'm a fan of LINKS to other locations to justify my statements and Images to emphasize them as well. I'll figure out your modes, attachments, and smileys when I have more time.
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    Welcome aboard Armed Citizen. I haven't noticed any locked threads, but do know that there are two Topic areas that are definitely open to political commentary...."Right To Keep and Bears Arms" and "Off Topic Discussions"...if you're having difficulties, drop Bumper a note, he's good at fixin things!

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    Welcome to the forum! I think you'll end up really liking it here & lots of folks are floating in from Missouri. We are pleased to have ya!
    This is actually one of the least restrictive gun related sites that I've ever been on.
    Some forums have three times more "threads" locked in one day than we have ever had here...total.
    Wait until you check out the (More) Smilies here!
    I think we must have 7 Billion of them right now...OK, Well...Maybe 3 Billion.
    Anyway...Try posting & starting a few threads of interest here.
    You'll find out that we're all real easy to get along with.
    Thanks for registering.
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    Smile Locked Threads?

    Hi Armed_Citizen,

    First welcome aboard! You may have run into the security updates and other minor glitches that have hit the board in the last week or so while you were trying to access or respond to some threads. As near as I can tell, threads mostly get locked when they are duplicating an established thread OR exist only to stir up trouble. Political discussions are welcome - in the established areas.

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    First off all, Welcome to the Forum Armed Citizen.

    I think you'll enjoy it here, we are a pretty tolerant lot except when you try to post something that would result in an illegal, immoral or unethical action.

    Politics is not a taboo subject except when it starts to degrade into a personal attack on someone else's beliefs or becomes extremely unpatriotic.

    At least these are my opinions on the state of things here, Bumper has the final say and could (and may) disagree with me.

    At any rate feel welcome.
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    Welcome to the forum, Armed_Citizen. Drop me a PM, or respond here again and let me know what threads you are referring to. I have in some cases locked some of the older threads, not because I felt this way or that way about anything in particular but because some of them were just outdated and not real relevant anymore. A few others I locked them because they took a pretty erratic turn off topic and only a couple I had to close because they were getting out of control.

    Politics is definitely not taboo if the threads are in any way related to concealed carry, right to keep and bear arms or, in general, firearms. The exceptions acparmed mentioned are where I (or one of the moderators) may feel it necessary to take action. That being said, we don't focus on rap music, home improvement, or conspiracy/survival subjects or topics. There's a place for everything and this is the place for concealed carry discussions. :welcom2:
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