New to this site and received my CCW

This is a discussion on New to this site and received my CCW within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Forum Office category; hello to everyone!! this site is great!! i received my CCW for arizona a week ago and im trying to get used to concealed carry. ...

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Thread: New to this site and received my CCW

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    New to this site and received my CCW

    hello to everyone!! this site is great!! i received my CCW for arizona a week ago and im trying to get used to concealed carry. for some reason i feel like im doing something wrong. i hope it gets easier over time. i have a question about keeping a round in the chamber while daily carry. do you guys recomend it or should i leave it unchambered? any input would be great. thanks!
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    Welcome you will find this place really help full and a lot of good people...
    I have a XD 40 SC....first if you are not used to carry it will take a wile for you to get used to second keep it loaded since it will take you a good 2 or 3 sec. to load it in the event you really need it to defend you or your love ones and they are the most precious seconds you have that you don't want to loose.... Be safe always and never for get it this is not a toy and it will be use against you if you are not careful!!

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    Welcome to the forum, and congrats! Yeah, it took me about 3 weeks of constant carry for it to feel second nature. Now .. honestly .. if I don't have my piece with me, it doesn't feel natural.
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    Welcome from Alabama. You might want to search for threads about Wal-Mart trips after receiving your permit. Getting into an environment where there are lots of people helps you to adjust to the fact that people really are not looking at you. This in turn helps you to relax and become more comfortable with carrying a concealed weapon. You'll find those threads and more great info and discussion here.

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    Congrats on getting the permit. If you search for something like ''one in the pipe'' you may well find a thread or two regarding folk's views on it.

    You'll find typically that we consider a gun not in condition 1 to be something akin to a rock!! Seriously - one in the pipe is essential if possible and you might need to further familiarize with your carry choice.

    That said if it is an XD - no contest - one in the pipe for sure! The main area where a few people have problems is having enough ''trust'' of gun and self with the 1911 family, re keeping them con 1. It is essential to be fully fluent and proficient with the chosen choice for carry - and so more practice and dry fire even could well help.
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    Welcome and congrats

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    Proper trigger discipline (Keeping your finger out of the trigger guard until the sights are on the target) is the key...practice it a lot..
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    Welcome , and Congrats. Personaly I would not own a gun for ccw that i felt was unsafe with a round ready to go .
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    Quote Originally Posted by teamcnabb05 View Post
    i received my CCW for arizona a week ago and im trying to get used to concealed carry. for some reason i feel like im doing something wrong.
    You are. You're doing what's currently viewed as the single most un-PC thing you can do. You're failing to listen to what the mega media wags tell you is good for you. You're going with your heart and head, realizing how silly that really is. You're taking personal responsibility for your right to life, by putting your money where your mouth is. You're entering a new position of being better able to protect yourself and your family. Kudos!!!!

    Yes, it gets easier. Nobody cares. Nobody's looking at you. So long as the outline of your rig is not "printing," there won't be any sky falling down. Folks have their own worries. Just don't continually fidget, pick at it, etc. (It's why Wal-Mart seems to be the traditional, proverbial place to go, once you first start carrying, 'cause all of your radar signals are going to be firing in that joint. Once you can handle the art of "quiet undercover" there, you can handle it anywhere.)

    ... a question about keeping a round in the chamber while daily carry.
    Depends on the weapon. I've got a CZ P01. It's got no safety, but a decocker. It's DA the first pull, then SA for subsequent pulls. It's highly safe to put one in the chamber, then holster it. I had a S&W 442 revolver for some years, and a revolver (of course) is designed to be worn that way. Basically, so long as you have a holster that fully protects the trigger/guard area, and so long as holstering (or re-holstering) your firearm doesn't risk pulling that trigger, then you should be fine. It comes down to this: why grant the BG any advantage, by your having to first rack the slide if your life is threatened? If you can think of a good reason to do that, then by all means leave 'em in the magazine only.

    Welcome to concealed-carry.
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    Welcome from Tennessee and congrats on the CCW!

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    A chambered round will give you an advantage of at least a couple seconds when you really need it. Know your gun. Put a lot of rounds through it and carry it where ever you can and you will soon be comfortable carrying it.
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    from Central Florida!

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    Welcome -
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    Welcome from Middle Tennessee!

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    Cool Welcome from southern Louisiana!

    Semper Fi

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