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    Hey everyone, Ive already posted a few questions but just now got around to doing this. Anyways, Im fairly new to the CCW crowd, about a year or so. I am in my last month of service in the Army at Ft. Bragg, in the 82d Abn Div. Am moving back to the Phoenix area in a few weeks, and absolutely NEED to be armed there from what I hear in the past five years Ive been away. I have been deployed to the lovely country of Iraq twice and had the pleasure of experiencing the violent citys of Falluja, Ramadi, and Baghdad! Look forward to sharing information with Ya'll

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    Welcome! Thank you for your service.
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    Thank god you came home safe and welcome aboard andf as previously stated, thank you for your service. There is some nice AZ representation here on the board.

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    Welcome! And a big "Thank You" for serving your country by going in harm's way. After what you've experienced over there, Phoenix shouldn't be too bad.


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    Thumbs up cmbthgun ~ Good Man!

    Playin' around over in the Iraqi sandbox...huh?
    My heartfelt Thank You for helping to keep us and all of our loved ones safe against domestic terror.
    We all sure do owe you a big one!
    Even the Liberal Left Leaning Americans that are still a bit too dumb & naive to realize just how important the job you are doing over there really is owe you a big Thanks.
    Maybe...some day you'll even get that Thank You from them...once they finally & hopefully "Get It"
    Welcome to the forum!
    God Bless You Brave Folks! :unitedsta
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    Welcome to the forum, cmbthgun, we're glad you joined us. Actually quite a few Phoenix and Arizona folks here (me included) that are glad to have you back safe. Phoenix isn't quite a war zone but I feel much better carrying than not. I haven't noticed much difference over the last 5 years except a lot more illegal aliens having wrecks and then running for the border. Along with carrying concealed, wear your seatbelts. They will save your bacon more often than your gun (I hope).....
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