Hi there from southeast Ohio

Hi there from southeast Ohio

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Thread: Hi there from southeast Ohio

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    Hi there from southeast Ohio

    Hello! I thought today would be a good day to join the group here since my hubby had joined previously and because we got our CCW licenses today.
    I think he mentined that I'm an IT student (first year) and I raise and train registered Miniature Horses.
    I'm a newbie-shooter and have much fun at it! My first gun is a PT111 but today I saw and held a Bersa Thunder 380 and I'd like to try one out, it seems to fit my hand like a glove. Another gun I just love is an XD-9!
    I'm ALL for CCW and want to start reading as much as I can here although school and animals takes up most of my time right now. This forum is great and I know we'll both learn tons of valuable stuff here!!!
    Earlier today we went shopping at wally-world and hubby carried but I just felt too weird. Is it common to feel awkward at first? Any tips besides 'just do it'?

    Glad to be here!!

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    I always liked Ohio because it's high in the middle and round on both ends.

    Welcome aboard. You'll find CCW holders are all sorts of crazy people.

    I'd reccommend if you have any sort of CCW discussion you'd like to see just dump it out there on one of the other forums. That's what's so great about gunnies. They love to talk about everything, from what color their grips should be to the best ammunition to shoot a rabid coyote with.

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    Welcome, MrsBakeryman, glad to have you join us. There is alot of good information here and to accomodate busy schedules we are open 24 hours a day! Feel free to post any of your experiences or ask any questions you may have. I can guarantee someone will try and help you.

    And yes, you probably will feel awkward at first carrying but it will pass quickly. At least I did. And WallyWorld is a good place to "practice". I think you will find it surprisingly easy to conceal your weapon. The vast majority won't give a second look even if you have a "bulge". Welcome to CombatCarry and welcome as a new permit holder.

    Oh yeah, there are a number of IT folks here as well (me included) so you should feel right at home. If you have any comments or questions about IT career topics and issues you can probably get answers on those too, LOL.
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    Welcome to the forum MrsBakeryman, we're glad to have you here.

    I have been carrying for 30 plus years so I kinda forget what it was like in the old days.

    I have an interesting side note about Wally World. I was there the other day, here in Las Vegas, and I noticed a sign on the door as I entered. It read "No firearms allowed inside."

    I thought, "well there goes shopping at Wally World" but of course I went in anyway to get what I needed. Then on the way out I took a closer look at the sign and at the bottom in small print it read, "Unless properly licensed." That small print will keep me shopping there.
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    Thumbs up Hi Mrs. Bakeryman !!! WELCOME!

    Hi Mrs. Bakeryman!
    We have an "Equal Opportunity" registration policy here.
    I am wondering though why your hubby is not "Mr. Bakerywoman" ???

    Welcome To The Forum!
    Now we have one female that raises gigantic spiders and one female that raises miniature horses.

    You absolutely MUST carry for your next trip to Wally World.
    YES, it is very normal (at first) to feel awkward & after that it feels...just plain GREAT!
    Hubby already passed his first "Concealed~Carry~To~WallyWorld~test" ??? ~ Congratulations!
    Liberty Over Tyranny Μολὼν λαβέ

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    I don't know where you got your training, but I go to Tactical Defense Institute in Adams County. Shouldn't be too far from you, if you want refresher training or to upgrade your capabilities. Excellent training site.

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