New girl debating to purchase and carry in GA

New girl debating to purchase and carry in GA

This is a discussion on New girl debating to purchase and carry in GA within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To category; Last Saturday, my husband took me Skeet Shooting with a 20 gauge, it was fun, but painful so not really a new hobby for me. ...

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Thread: New girl debating to purchase and carry in GA

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    New girl debating to purchase and carry in GA

    Last Saturday, my husband took me Skeet Shooting with a 20 gauge, it was fun, but painful so not really a new hobby for me. Today we went to an all day three class thing where we learned gun safety, got to shoot various guns, and learned basics about concealed weapons carrying. I loved it! I have always wanted a gun for my safety, but kinda been scared of them. After learning so much I feel much more enthusiastic about the idea. Of all the guns that I shot today I really liked a Sig, which I think was the Sig Sauer p239... and even more than anything the S&W 3913LS. It was fabulous. So now... I'm researching... I have been reading and have heard more about the Sig Sauer p239, S&W 3913LS, and the S&W 908S. I really would love to hear any suggestions and thoughts. I tried revolvers too, but the grip and snap was just so much better on the two pistols. I also tried 22s, (as stated) the 9mms, 38 specials, 40s, and 45s... The 9mm is definitely my preference.

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    welcome to the forum! There is a bunch of Sig Fans here that will be more than happy to help.
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    Cherry - welcome to the forums

    I am a SIG user and my EDC is a 226 ST (in 9mm) - I also have a 228 and 220.

    Your mention of the 239 tho suggests you may well have hit on a great platform for your use and perhaps carry too. I try not to be biased but - if the smaller SIG platform suits you well then go for it!!
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    The Smith 3913 and 4013 are both great guns. Reliable, relatively flat and light to make them eaiser to conceal. So is the SIG 239. All will have good support by holster makers. Parts are available. They shoot well. Once broken in, they'll typically feed any ammunition you use, particularly if you consider getting an action/trigger and tuning job prior to starting to carry it. I'm a very big fan of that, since you're betting your life on the thing working when you need it to. Plus, S&W has great gunsmiths in their Performance Shop who can really make it sing.

    There is one nice thing about pistols, though ... Don't worry about acquiring one you may end up not liking. If you buy quality stuff, there will be someone who will buy it. Then, you can keep searching for that one perfect match. I've been lucky. I tried dozens prior to first purchasing, and ended up carrying it for a decade since it proved so utterly reliable (the Browning BDM 9mm, from the 1990's).

    Sounds like you had a great time, in the class. That can be an excellent way to be introduced to shooting, to the pros/cons of carrying, to the various firearms out there.

    As for the carry license, absolutely go for it. If nothing else, it can keep your butt out of the cooker due to innocent missteps surrounding your shooting habit (ie, storage of the ammo and pistol when not actively traveling to/from the range). And, of course, it's worth the "bother" to be able to protect you and yours, should the unthinkable happen. Since you are absolutely on your own, when crime strikes, anyway, it's worth having the capacity to actually resist and prevail.

    Quote Originally Posted by cherryblossommj View Post
    ... Skeet Shooting with a 20 gauge, it was fun, but painful so not really a new hobby for me.
    Keep in mind that there are several different types of shotgun. Different gauges (10, 12, 16, 20, 28, .410), different sizes and weights, different barrel lengths. Not all shotguns have a lot of kick. A larger, longer, semi-auto shotgun can be a lot of fun to shoot. Depends on the person, level of fitness, whether the shotgun has a decent degree of balance and a reasonable recoil pad. For some, a shorter, lighter "double" (double-barrelled gun) in a "heavier" caliber and load can be tough on the shoulder. Consider, say, a Remington 105 or 11-87, Winchester X3, or a Benelli Super Black Eagle. Me, I've got an Ithaca SKB 100 20ga side-by-side, and it's got a solid kick due to its light weight. Though, I prefer it over a number of larger, longer shotties given its excellent balance. Can't hit many clays, but I have a great time.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Try the search function and you should find plenty about the 239 on the forum. I have one in 9 mm and it's my favorite. You'll find quite a few others that use them.

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    Welcome -
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    Hi from Fort Worth TX. Be sure to look at the Concealed Carry Guns section on this forum!
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    Welcome. Unfortunately, I don't know much about Sigs beyond they do have a pretty good reputation.
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    Welcome from Alabama. My first carry gun was a SIG P239 in 9mm. Great firearm. I still carry it occasionally. Now usually carry my S&W 10mm.

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    CB, the Sig is really hard to beat. I had a chance to try a Walthers P99 today, and it was very impressive too, but for the money, go Sig!
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    Welcome from West Tennessee!
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    Welcome from Middle Tennessee!

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    Welcome from Central California.
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    The S&W LS Lady Smith is configured slightly differently so finding an exact fitting LS holster or finding a custom holster maker to make one for you might be difficult.
    That would be because there are no Aluminum or plastic gun/holster molds specifically for the LS version.
    At least, according to one other member that has one.
    So your present holster/carry choices for a LS holster will be very limited.
    The good news is that the holster problem could easily be solved if you can find a local custom holster maker to construct a custom holster for you and "wet mold" it directly to your LS firearm.
    Just FYI

    Oh...and welcome to the forum. Join right in anywhere on DefensiveCarry.
    Many of the finest "gun folks" in America are right here.
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    Welcome Aboard from SE GA! As far as sidearms go, whichever you trust and you can carry will be the best one.

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