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Anyone else going through "man nesting"?

This is a discussion on Anyone else going through "man nesting"? within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To category; Im definitely having Man Nesting bad! I already bought my wife mace and am always making sure she carries it with her. I just don't ...

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Thread: Anyone else going through "man nesting"?

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    Im definitely having Man Nesting bad! I already bought my wife mace and am always making sure she carries it with her. I just don't want to ever take any chances.

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    Sounds like you're in the same boat I am(without the wife and kids).

    Instead its my mother who is concerned about me owning, let alone carrying a handgun. My father is an avid gunowner and always taught me safety of guns from a young age.

    I would suggest if you do own handguns, to just simply explain to your daughter the importance of gun safety, and without your supervision ect. Keep them locked up when you're not around(in case she doesnt listen)... at least until she is old enough to handle the gun herself. Hopefully by that time you have convinced your wife to at least practice using a gun, or carry herself so your daughter has a female role model for example :) My father always had a gun-safe, I KNEW guns were in there, but wouldn't be able to get into it if I tried...

    I somewhat have convinced my mother that it will be alright, and I'll be fine with a handgun. I told her I have already signed up for safety courses from the NRA. I will be practicing at the range before I even attempt to carry. I will learn all of the necessities of SAFETY, legalities ect, THEN I will carry.

    I also walked up to her, gave her a big hug, and told her that this handgun may be the reason I am able to hug her for many many years to come, because you never know what may happen in the world these days, and leaving my safety up to the bad guys is just not an option anymore.

    She couldn't really say no to getting more hugs for the rest of her life. She is uneasy, but now alot more supportive.

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    Welcome from Alabama.

    It's not what you go thru in life, but how well you go thru it.

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    welcome from s.e. michigan.
    (SHERIFF BUFORD T. JUSTICE) "what the hell is
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    Welcome from Florida!

    Definitely follow what pax said. The worst thing you can do is be obstinate and uncommunicative.
    Keep emotionally active. Cater to your favorite neurosis.

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    Hello from the Bluegrass.
    “Dogs offer one of the most stable and enduring friendships on this earth.”

    Willard Scott

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    Hi Capt Marc, welcome from "gun country" :)
    Just two things to run by you for your consideration.
    1. Try to encourage her to go with you to the range so she can see that a gun does only what you make it do. Took my fiance out once to the range, very first time, SP101, center bulls eye, could not wait to go again and again.
    2. Have her go to NRA site, under Publications, go to monthly column entitled Armed Citizen, for up to date actual shootings done by citizens against bad guys, a lot of citizens who would otherwise now be deceased.
    Try to impress upon her that this stuff does not only happen to other folks.
    Welcome to the forums.
    Tell her this one true story from Armed Citizen and see what her reaction is:
    North Carolina. Elderly woman sitting on porch, nighttime, criminal approaches from sidewalk, shows a weapon, takes her inside. She is in her nightgown. She is 85 years old. He says to her that he is going to take her around her house, put all her valuables in a pillowcase, rape her,kill her and leave.
    Well, she remembers that her late husband had and still has a .38 revolver in the closet upstairs in a holster hanging next to some shirts. She tells the robber, there is more cash upstairs if you would let me go get it. Greedy as he is, he sees dollar signs and hustles up the stairs after her.
    She says well let me SEE now, it's here somewhere, gosh. And turns around with a loaded .38 revolver and fires three or four shots right into his chest.
    Now, that is not only justice, it is instructive in that these things are not scheduled to happen. They just happen. And if you are not armed when they happen to you, then you are at a distinct disadvantage, to put it mildly.
    See what her reaction is to that true story. Not meant to scare her but this is a truthful and factual situation that went down, and the 85 year old is living and the assailant is not. All because of a handgun handy.
    Surrounded and outnumbered, Marine Col Lewis Puller: "Good! We finally got 'em where we want 'em!" (Korea, 1950)
    Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right.
    Socrates : "Knowledge is knowing that we know nothing".

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    Welcome from SE Missouri.

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    welcome from Missouri!
    Facts are negotiable, perceptions are not.

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    Welcome from West Tennessee!
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    Welcome -
    "To disarm the people is the best and most effective way to enslave them."
    George Mason

    "Gun control is a job-safety program for criminals."
    John R. Lott

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    Welcome to the community! I would say that if you decide to go into concealed carry that it is a lifestyle change. Being more physically fit is important. Not saying you have to be in the best shape, but any edge in order to protect your family, including staying in the fight without having to resort to a weapon if the situation doesn't call for it, is worth it. Also, remember that if you carry that there is a weapon EVERYWHERE you go - yours. Take steps to keep it from going to someone that would use it against you and yours...

    Congradulations on the youngin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Welcome from Kansas.
    God bless our troops!

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    I bought my first gun without my wifes knowledge, brought it in the house, showed her the hows and such. It was an XD, so I showed her how safe it really was. She wasn't really happy about it until we went to the range.

    My daughter is 2 now, the guns are all well out of reach...but there is a safe in my very very very near future.

    We're talking about education for the little one now.

    I suggest the slow and steady approach, I knew buying it without her prior knowledge would cause a minor ripple...with a quick 10 minute recovery period before she accepted it. Not all women work like that though.

    Good luck, Keep the family safe.

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    Welcome aboard!

    From SW VA

    BTW -- I don't trust the Bio safes, either. Even fingerprint tech have problems getting good prints from me, as the ridge detail is so worn down.

    However, finding the correct button to push in a typical 3x3+0 number pad during an adrenaline rush, in the dark, etc could be a tad challenging; the key routine, more so.

    There are some handgun cases for the bed-side use that have a ridged-defined hand-print on top to place four fingers and then press the buttons under your fingers in a set sequence w/o moving your hand or using the Columbus system (find a key and land on it). You might want to look into them.
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