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    New Tn Cc Member

    Howdy CC members:
    New to the forum and the world of concealed carry. Have been concidering obtaining my license to carry legally in TRN for some time now. Finally my daughter did recently and she has stirred my interest.
    I'm sure they are comman questions and I can most likely read archived threads for answers but then I need to get my feet wet right off.
    WHAT'S THE BEST SEMI AUTO TO CARRY???? Thus far I am slanted towards something in either .380, 9, or .40 cal.
    I like the thin grips so I suppose a single stack mag is the direction to go.

    This should give me some idea before I'm off to the stores. Later of course I'll be asking about the best way to conceal and carry.
    thanks in advance

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    I consider 9mm Min i would carry as for action DAo/sa/ sa/da its personal preferance i carry all 3 at different times

    At times ive carried Wheelies

    in Autos ive carried
    Springfield Xd

    So it really is what you shoot best and are most comfortable with

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    First off let me welcome you, secondly let me say that having a daughter that wants to CC is a beautiful thing.
    As for your question reguarding cailber and action type, I can only suggest a 1911. The 1911 is a single stack and you can get just about what ever type grip you want for it(CT are nice, Chris P95Carry can tell ya all about those)and the .45 cal can't be beat for a personal defence cailber. It dosn't hold as many rounds as say a glock or a sig, but IMHO nothing "feels" as good in the hand as a 1911. I would go with a Colt(if money allows), but Springfield puts out some really good quality guns at a affordable price.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Thanks for registering.

    There are so many fine firearms out there these days that are suitable for good concealed carry.
    It would be great if you could get to a larger gun shop first & actually get some various handguns "In Hand" to see what fits your hand, your budget, & your lifestyle.
    That will automatically eliminate some makes, models, styles and sizes.

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    Thanks for the quick replies guys...Just as I figured each of us has our own preferences and understandably so. QK, most likely will take your advice and visit one of the larger stores in Nashville. One with a range where I may be able to even try b-4 buy.
    Already see the advantage of a good gun forum ...thanks again

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    Mickey - Hi and welcome to you

    Glad to hear you are going the CCW route and yeah - choices are plentiful.

    I think perhaps, start narrowing down based on your concealement options. Can you accomodate a full size? if so that's good ... if not then you may have to head more compact.

    Apart from 1911's for a single stack choice - depending on how comfortable you may (or may not be) with con'1 for carry - why not consider to DA/SA, per a SIG for example. 220 is a full size and would be good for a .45 but if that's too large go more compact. The HK's also will be worth a look.

    As ever 9mm is great for cheaper practice but many pieces are double stackers - I like em but you prefer narrower grips. Mind you, some single stack 9mm's out there.

    It is so hard to point at one gun for anyone - indeed, try as many for size as you can but IMO head as large as your concealment options will allow.
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

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    Welcome Mickey!

    The best advice that I have come across for choosing a gun is to find one that feels good in your hand and that you can control and bring back on target quickly. If possible, shooting before you buy is a good idea. Don't get too hung up on a particular caliber. Find one that you are comfortable with and learn to shoot it well.

    Just my $.02

    Good hunting!

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    Welcome and thanks for registering, hope you both enjoy and learn here.

    As to your questions, I think I'd go at least 9mm or better. If you can find a place where you can rent different types of handguns, do that till you find one you like.

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    Welcome, best gun is 1 you will carry daily. Each person is diffrent, so ya need to find what works for YOU.

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    Welcome to CC! I like your idea of a large store where you can try many options - the best way to find a gun for you! Good luck!
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    6,868 others have said, the "best" semi auto is the one that feels best in the potential owner's hand and can be controlled for accurate, follow-up shots.
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    Welcome to the forum, Mickey, we're glad to have you join us. While, personally, I am with Bruce on the 1911, like recommended above, find one that is comfortable to you and that you shoot well (and enjoy shooting). Renting guns at the range would give you a good idea about what fits you. I would also recommend at least a 9mm, but prefer a notch above at least. A .45 is my first choice with a .40 as my second....
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    Hello and welcome.
    what to carry is a very personal decision. Me, I often base the decision on where and when. Honestly, 99% of the time I've got my G26 and an extra mag. But the remainder varies between my 92F and 2 spare mags and a 357 wheelgun.

    My suggestion is to try several pistols and pick the one(s) you shoot best with. Remember, in the end it's shot placement.

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