Getting my feet wet again. (central VA)

Getting my feet wet again. (central VA)

This is a discussion on Getting my feet wet again. (central VA) within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To category; Hey everyone, my name is John. I've been lurking here for a couple days, and I wanted to register and make the most of all ...

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Thread: Getting my feet wet again. (central VA)

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    Getting my feet wet again. (central VA)

    Hey everyone, my name is John. I've been lurking here for a couple days, and I wanted to register and make the most of all this awesome information I've found on this forum. here's a quote from my first post over on member meeting place, it pretty much sums up my introduction.

    "I grew up around plenty of rifles, but my wife is pretty much anti-gun. I respect her opinions, but it's been six years since I've handled any firearms.. I think it's time to have some protection again, and I'm turning in my CHP application tomorrow after work.

    Honestly, I'm not very familiar with handguns, other than the basics of how they work, how to handle, ect.. That's not the same as hands on training time though, so I'll be doing some practice with whatever gun I finally decide on.

    I'm looking at purchasing a High Point .45 ACP, I found one that's just been broken in, is in good condition, and is a good price for something to learn with. ($140)

    I would really like to find something left handed, as I'm a south paw, but everything I've seen is way out of my price range, so I think I'll just train myself to automatically go to a straight forward stance when shooting to keep shells off of me.

    I could go wheel gun, which in all reality would be better for me to learn with when it comes to being a beginner with handguns.. but I'm a hefty guy and I don't think a wheel would be very comfortable to CC every day, which is my goal.

    So, for now I'm gonna find a semi auto to learn with, and work with it until I'm comfortable handling it.

    Should I be looking at another caliber as a first handgun? I'm limited as far as price goes, which is frustrating, but I do want to get something I can learn with and possibly CC until I can drop the coin on a better model. I'm probably not going to be going over $200 right now."

    So hello to everyone, and I hope to learn everything I can here, and get some good real practice and training of my own.

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    Hi John, welcome from another central VA guy.
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    Well the biggest thing that i see is what you are looking to buy. Hi-points are monsters. They are huge bulky guns and there might not be as much holster options as say a j frame smith which you might be able to get used but for a little more than you wanting. And as for learning i would say 22lr is best but not suggested for carry and 9mm is much cheaper to shoot than your 45 ammo. FWIW
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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome from Alabama
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I have a friend with a HiPoint .45 and he likes it. I've shot it and it is OK. As mentioned before, it's pretty bulky. If you aren't planning on carrying it a lot, an Uncle Mike's nylon holster will probably suit it just fine. Definitely put a bunch of rounds through it to make sure it is reliable. Semi auto handguns can be finicky with the ammo you feed it.
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    Welcome from Lynchburg!

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    Central Florida


    from Central Florida!

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    Welcome from Arizona.

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    welcome from Texas

    this is JMO, but with our political climate changing along with prices, I would look at getting your hands on a quality CCW piece ASAP, don't go with a hi-point now to "start" with and plan on getting something later, since you don't really want a wheelie and budget is a concern, I think a Glock would give you the best all around option of price, quality, etc, like maybe a 19
    again, just my opinion
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    Welcome from Alabama, John.

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    Welcome from Montana.

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    Welcome from Mass.
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    Hi John and welcome from Fort Worth TX!

    Personally, I think 9mm is a great round to start with. They are inexpensive and available in different configurations. Glocks and Springfield XD-9's are well-respected choices.
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