Please read I need advice!!!!!!

Please read I need advice!!!!!!

This is a discussion on Please read I need advice!!!!!! within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To category; HI. i am a new concealed holder and i have just purchased my first hand gun khar cw9( i love it) i am a young ...

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Thread: Please read I need advice!!!!!!

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    Please read I need advice!!!!!!


    i am a new concealed holder and i have just purchased my first hand gun khar cw9( i love it) i am a young man only 21 years of age. i am considered to be very responsible and i am looking foward to becoming a police officer. but anyways.. i carry my weapon with me all the time!!! i can say that i am not afraid to use my weapon but the only thing i worry about is geting in trouble and being convicted of murder if i am forced to use it. i dont think i will ever use it unless i have no other option(meaning i feel like my life is in danger, not just getting in a fist fight) but i am still worried about being accused of murder for excessive force!! someone please respond or even email me because i really have lots of questions!! i also would like advice about weapons because i would like 2 buy another!!


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    Don't fire your weapon at anyone unless you feel your life is in imminent danger of ending, you will know if that time comes.

    Don't un-conceal your weapon unless the time above is at hand, it's not meant to scare people away, just to defend your life.

    If you do have to use it, have a good lawyer handy.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I'd suggest that you start by looking through the different parts of the forum. A lot of what yo are trying to learn has been discussed in the past, then ask your specific questions in the proper area for the fastest answer.

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    Greetings and Welcome from Fayettevile, NC!!!

    Ensure you read your state laws on use of deadly force!
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    Welcome to the forums

    Carrying a concealed weapon is a huge responsibility. Knowing when to and when not to is always a tough call. Here is a link to a post from a few days ago called "The Ten Commandments of Concealed Carry"

    I would hope that during your CCW class, your instructor referenced scenarios that would require the use of a firearm. This is a good basic start, however, now the responsibility really begins.

    I would recommend some training in the use and safety of handguns along with some type of "shoot-dont-shoot" education. Practice with that new weapon so it becomes natural to use, just like brushing your teeth in the dark. Keep your situational awareness at peak alertness and know how and when to avoid situations. Browsing this forum and asking questions is a good thing, there are alot of veteran firearm carriers here.

    Your weapon is a tool to assist you or your loved ones in staying alive, use it responsibly.

    Good luck and welcome to the ranks.

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    Welcome young gun..

    Lots of advice in this forum, learn how to do a search.
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    Welcome from Pennsylvania. As others have already suggested, search around on DC. I also suggest and highly recommend getting some formal training.

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    Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee. BuckecyLCPL has given you some very good advice. In addition you should lnow your state laws relating to self defence.
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    Welcome from VA.
    As previously stated know the law in the state you are in, not just your home states law. What is legal in TX is not necessarily legal in OK, LA or other states that honor your permit. Remember, you are bound by the laws of the state you are in when traveling there.
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    Welcome from Washington.

    As has been said. Learn the laws and find a decent instructor.
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    Greetings and welcome to the forum. I'll echo the advice to read, read, read. But you also need an attorney. I don't mean you need to put one on retainer, but you need to find one that you can sit down with and talk (even if it costs you some $$$) and get their legal opinion on your understanding. What's hard for you to read on your own is case law, and a good attorney will have a better idea of how the law is really handled in court.

    Again, welcome aboard, be safe, and remember it's a tool to defend life.
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    I can't think of anything to add to the good, solid advice that others have already given.

    Oh, yeah, welcome to the forum!

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    You are In Texas where we have very good self defense laws,If you are being robbed,or somebody pulls a weapon on you then you are justified to use deadly force to stop the threat,there is another site called that deals specifically with Texas CHL laws.There is an individual Charles Cotton on that forum who is a lawyer and helped create and push through Texas Chl laws
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    Knowing when and how to deploy your handgun is the missing link in deciding to CCW. Do lots of when/then not if/then training scenarios in your head. Decide for yourself in accordance with laws and your personality when you believe you would be justified in using deadly force against open hand, impact, edged weapons and firearm attacks. When would you shoot in defense of another? Whenever you see a shooting on the news or a TV program think about what is happening and what you would do. If you can do some force on force with airsoft. You will be surprised at how jacked up you get when are facing another person.

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    Excellent advise from all, and welcome young man!!

    My .02? As previously stated, know the law and read, read, read!! Massad Ayoob has written a number of books on the topic and I can't recommend them highy enough. If you get a chance to take one of his classes, jump at it. There's another thread running on his classes right now, use the search function.
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