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New Member with a question or two

This is a discussion on New Member with a question or two within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To category; Hey Redox, Welcome to the forum from another new member! It's great to see another Seattle resident on the site. :) I also recently picked ...

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Thread: New Member with a question or two

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    Hey Redox,

    Welcome to the forum from another new member! It's great to see another Seattle resident on the site. :) I also recently picked up my CPL in Michigan and plan on carrying my XD 4" 9mm daily, since both holsters I own are for open carry I just ordered the Crossbreed Supertuck IWB for my XD. I'm hoping it will make concealment that much easier, however like Froggy said any gun requires work to carry.

    I'm a skinny 160lb, 6' tall, and up til now I've liked my clothes form fitting and slightly loose. That doesn't work for CC since the grip of my XD pokes through my close fitting shirts and prints badly. I could go buy a different gun, or work with my wardrobe, which is what I've done. I now have 4 new casual buttoned shirts sized large (usually I'm a medium) that look good anywhere (out to dinner, shopping, hanging out, etc) and hang about 3" below my belt. This has helped immensely and is one reason I've actually started carrying after work... if you're worried about people noticing you might not pack at all.

    Lastly you need a good belt, my old leather belt was so floppy it would let my holster flop out and my XD was hanging in the wind. Find a good, heavy leather belt that doesn't twist or curl easily and whatever holster you choose will be stable and not floppy.

    Finally, my dream CC weapon is the S&W Model SW1911PD... 4 1/4" barrel, single stack, scandium frame, crimson trace grips, 8+1 of .45, and only 28oz empty. Someday soon I will have one, until then I gladly carry my XD9.

    All the best with your search for CC holster and weapon, the Crossbreed Supertuck seems to have a lot of satisfied owners/daily carry folks.
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    Howdy from Dallas.
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    welcome to the Forum. what i've learned about concealing is that the holster you use makes a HUGE difference in how the gun sits and prints under a shirt.
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    Welcome from Montana.

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    Welcome to the world of conceal carry, dress around the
    gun it's easy.

    I live in balmy South FL and most of the time I carry a glock 23
    or Sig P226/P220 Cargo shorts tee shirt and cover button up
    short sleeve shirt.

    It's doable, just a few concessions here and there on your
    wardrobe and your there.
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    Welcome from Mass.
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    Welcome from Southwest Tennessee!

    And Merry Christmas!!
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    from Central Florida!

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    Greetings and Welcome from Fayetteville, NC!!!
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    Welcome from Nebraska.
    Google Dave Workman who makes fine holsters in the Seattle area. He can also direct you to WA. Concealed List.

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    Welcome aboard.

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    I'm sure you will get lots of responses, all them good, but you also may wish to check out the CZ-75 Compact PCR 9mm. It's faily easy to carry concealed, and is very highly rated.


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    Cool Welcome from southern Louisiana!

    Semper Fi

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    CCW Guns

    Go to this poll to check out general opinions about some of the more popular concealable guns. Personally, I purchased a Glock 26 with Trijicon sites and one magazine with grip extender. I am 6'" and 240 lbs and found this gun fun and accurate to shoot, and fits my hand with or without the grip. I carry without extender, for concealability, and practice shooting with and without. SHoot very well either way. Very happy with my Glock 26!

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