New Member with a question or two

New Member with a question or two

This is a discussion on New Member with a question or two within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Forum Office category; Hello All, I'm 24 years old and I live in Seattle where I recently graduated from the University of Washington. I thought Seattle gun owners ...

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Thread: New Member with a question or two

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    New Member with a question or two

    Hello All,

    I'm 24 years old and I live in Seattle where I recently graduated from the University of Washington. I thought Seattle gun owners were a dying breed but I was glad to see otherwise once i found this forum! I mainly wanted to introduce myself and ask for some advice at the same time. That said I'm not sure if I'm posting this thread in the right place. I've owned rifles and shotguns for hunting all my life but recently that hobby has transitioned to firearm and personal protection enthusiasm. I recently bought my first pistol.. I went with the springfield xdm in a .40 and i absolutely love it. I have also recently aquired my CPL here in Washington and now I realize I need a pistol that's easier to shucks! :). Anyway I wanted to ask those more experienced what you might suggest ( I'm a tall but fairly slight man) though i'd love the .40 for a carry weapon I was thinking maybe a compact, high cap 9mm..what do you think? The other part of my post is meant for more general discussion and I'm sure there are other threads dedicated to it but none the less I wanted to ask about the potential of changing gun laws in the coming year. I'll be the first to admit my ignorance but I know that gun prices have been steadiy rising and people suggest to buy what you want asap. Is this true? As I've experienced the tragedies all around the world of late I simply can't fathom how anyone can take away my ability to legally protect my family and loves ones. How is this happening? Gangsters can literally run around our streets with ak 47s and it's arguable to some whether or not we can protect our own homes? Apologies for the ramble..but I'd love some more info here

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    Welcome from North Carolina. As far as changing the laws not only join the NRA but also support your local grassroots gun rights organizations as well.

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    Welcome from Virginia. It's time for you to hit the gun store and hold a few. You can't go wrong with H&K, Sig ( I like the 239 ) Glock, and S&W MP. I like the compacts better than the sub compacts, because I shoot them better and they hold more rounds, 9mm, 40, and 45 are all good. It just depends on what pistol that I was going to get as to the caliber. Once you find one that you like see if a local shooting range has one there that you can rent.

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    Welcome from central Mississippi.

    If you have the money to get what you want, I would get it now. Then, msgt suggested, join the NRA, GOA, and any other organization you can that will fight for our rights.
    Glock 27

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    With you be tall and thin(I am 5'/6'' and thin) you may want to look at single stack pistols. I have an XD-45 SC and am in the same boat you are in. Love my gun but my size makes it harder to conceal. As a result, I'll be looking for a smaller .45 in a 1911 platform for IWB carry: SA Micro, Colt Defender, and Colt New Agent. All of these are .45's. I just prefer a .45 caliber for self defense due to their very well known stopping power.

    By the way, welcome!
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    Howdy from Texas.

    I did a search for forums particular to Washington's CPL and found none. But ... I'm inviting you to the Texas CHL Forum. Lurk, join, whatever. You'll find many of your questions answered. • Index page
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    Redox, you really can't go wrong with any of the named brands. They'll all be safe, reliable, and accurate. You do need to find one that isn't so heavy that you'll leave it at home, that you can find a comfortable holster for, and that you can find accessories like spare mags at a decent price.

    Let me humbly suggest the GLOCK 23.

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    I prefer 9mm over the .40
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    Welcome, regarding the XDM, I don't think that it will be that hard to conceal, check out these pics I took of mine next to my other carry guns...

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    Welcome from VA.
    As to a carry gun, I have to agree with the other post. Hit the different gun stores and ranges. Shoot what feels good to you and then make your decision. Look at the SIG's, SA, Glocks and others mentioned. While looking don't overlook the CZ's either. When budgeting for a new gun, factor in $100-200. for a good holster/belt system. It will have a big effect on the comfort of carrying.
    Yes gun prices have been rising, but what hasn't been?
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    Welcome from Michigan! I see your post has been moved, so you may want to re-post the questions in another of the Forums here.

    JD makes a very good point on size (not that ANYONE here would try and talk you out of buying another gun, trust me! ). You may want to look into a good IWB holster before giving up carrying the XD. Or, you may just want something smaller (slimmer, lighter, whatever).

    Anyway, enjoy the Forums here. You'll find no shortage of opionion or advice (much of it good!).
    Regards, T Bone.

    "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety". Benjamin Franklin

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    What you are going to find is that no gun is going to be "easy" to conceal and I use the term easy in relative terms. Even a P3AT need to be carried in a holster so that fills up your pocket and takes some getting used to. The NAA .22's are about as small as you can get but still require some care so whatever your choice is you are going to have to work at it to get familiar and how to carry.

    Back to your point about your present handgun unless you go with some thing extremely small almost any gun will require the same amount work to conceal and it is a matter of personal preference. Some like the 1911 styles as they are usually slimmer than the double stack but others find that grip length or barrel length to cause more problems.

    It boils down to getting a good holster, making up your mind that your are going to do it and having confidence in your choices. The most aggravating part is it will now involve your wardrobe selection so no more speedos.

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    Welcome from Rocky Top Tennessee
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    Welcome -
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