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If you like the feel of these two, check out: CZ P-01 or CZ 75 PCR; Kahr K9 or P9; Heckler-Koch USP, USP Compact, P2000, P2000SK.
After getting some insight from a few different folks, I think I am pretty much set on a gun with a hammer, as opposed to glock, springfield etc.

I tried a Sig p220, thought it was really good, and a 1911...that thing is NICE! I fitted both guns IWB, and was able to move comfortably and both were VERY inconspicuous, so the size is not the issue I thought it would be.

I think any 1911 will be way beyond what I want to spend right now, but aside from the Sig, is there any model in particular that stands out?

CZ? Ruger P90?

Also, are there any brands that have limited parts availability, like a lack of aftermarket support or hard to find factory parts? Any brands that should be avoided due to poor design/reliability concerns?