Noob From Colorado

Noob From Colorado

This is a discussion on Noob From Colorado within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Forum Office category; Hello forum. I'm from Colorado as I'm sure you could guess from the title. I'm in the Navy Reserve (for now) and am currently working ...

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Thread: Noob From Colorado

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    Talking Noob From Colorado

    Hello forum. I'm from Colorado as I'm sure you could guess from the title. I'm in the Navy Reserve (for now) and am currently working security (unarmed) for Pinkerton Government Services. I am putting my application in for the Colorado State Patrol by the end of the month and if that doesn't work out I plan to go active duty. And of course I am an NRA member. I enjoy working with cars, computers, playing video games and going to the range when I have the time. I have been called a geek more than once but I know ya'll are just jealous. For more info on me check my homepage.

    I recently put in my application for my concealed carry permit this month, I expect to get it in 60 days. They said it would probably take the full 90 because of the number of applications they have received.

    Anyway! I have been having trouble trying to pick a CCW. I am pretty sure that I want the Springfield XD 9mm sub-compact. I would be carrying IWB. I don't know though I am having a hard time deciding for sure. I really like my best friend's XD 9mm SC. I like how it shoots, I like how it feels, I like how it's balanced. I am one that usually goes with his gut but I like feedback.

    I am open to getting the XD 40 SC. But from my experience I don't much care for .40. Something about .40 just doesn't sit right with me. I can hit my target don't get me wrong, but with 9mm and 45 I can group pretty good... for some reason I shoot .40 all over the damn place (but still on the target). So I figured that if I'm going to get something that I should get something I can shoot accurately and comfortably. (Yes I know there isn't an XD 45 SC, I just mean 45 in general.)

    So please, anyone that has a reason why it is not a good choice let me know why.

    Or if anyone has suggestions as to a better SC to carry. Preferably priced under $600.
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    Welcome from central Mississippi.
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    Welcome from an hour North.

    The XD9SC is a great gun. I may actually be selling my XD9SC pretty soon, if you might be interested.


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    Welcome from Michigan.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    Welcome from Las Vegas, Nevada!
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    Welcome from NY!
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    from Central Florida!

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    Welcome from Lubbock, TX!
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    I have the Signess!

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    Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
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    Welcome Aboard from the Peach State!
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    Welcome to DC from SC. Enjoy!!!

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    Welcome from Pennsylvania.

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    Welcome from Alabama
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    Welcome from PA
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    Howdy from Texas!

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