Long time no see

Long time no see

This is a discussion on Long time no see within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the DefensiveCarry.com Forum Office category; It has been a very long time, almost a year since I've posted, so I thought I'd start all over again. I'm livin' it up ...

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Thread: Long time no see

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    Long time no see

    It has been a very long time, almost a year since I've posted, so I thought I'd start all over again.

    I'm livin' it up in Los Anchorage, Alaska and loving every second of it. There really is no place I'd rather be living, no place I'd personally rather raise a family, and you can't beat the pro 2A atmosphere we have here.

    In the last year I have actually moved to Anchorage where I took a job as a pastor. Also, in the last year my arsenal has completely changed from what I had. The only gun that has made it with me for the last 12 months is my Mosin Nagant M44 with a turned down bolt and scoped up. Love the gun, especially for the cost.

    About a year ago a rare form of arthritis began attacking my joints so I have had to down size my caliber choices. I can no longer comfortably fire a 1911 nor a .357, I've had to change everything I have.

    This started with trading my Kimber Pro Carry II for a Winchester model 101 Shotgun. Now, the thing is, I don't get into shotguns and really didn't have time to do so. I ended up taking the shotgun to a gun show to trade and walked out with a VEPR AK-74 and $500 in cash. I could not be happier with my AK. I then traded my XD .45 for a FNP-9mm which was a good gun, for what it was. After also picking up a Ruger MkIII and a S&W J-frame for every day pocket carry I began to feel pretty comfortable. That changed with the itch, ya know, that feelign you get when it is time to pick up another gun. Well, that was taken care of last week when I picked up my Sig P229. I have more fun shooting the Sig than I have ever had shooting any pistol. Finally, the revolving door kept spinning and my FNP-9 is now a gonner and I think I might just be happy with things... until the itch comes back that is....

    Here are a few pictures to show off the goods...

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    Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
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    Welcome back...

    Is that one of those rural Alaskan 'locking rifle wall mounts'?

    Family and I spent 7 years in Alaska...can't ever get lost in Anchorage (it's a mountain thing).
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    Welcome back from Texas!
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    @ Wits' End

    Welcome back from someplace a little to your south...FL's Space Coast.
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    Welcome back from central Mississippi.
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    Welcome back.

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    thanks for the heads up on the photo sizing, fixed
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    Welcome back!

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    Greetings and Welcome back from Fayetteville, NC!!!
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    Welcome (back) from Tennessee!
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    welcome back
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    Welcome back from SC!
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    Welcome from Pennsylvania.

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