Hello from S.E., Georgia...

This is a discussion on Hello from S.E., Georgia... within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the DefensiveCarry.com Forum Office category; Hello all... I just found this forum & found it quite interesting! I do however initially (Not a complaint..!) find this board a tad bit ...

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Thread: Hello from S.E., Georgia...

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    Savannah, GA.

    Hello from S.E., Georgia...

    Hello all...
    I just found this forum & found it quite interesting!
    I do however initially (Not a complaint..!) find this board a tad bit difficult to navigate, but in time I'm certain to work that out..! As a "For instance;" - The poll: (Should I keep this pistol... I haven't found how/ where to respond, or for that matter; What pistol? Etc...)
    Anyway, since I am a member on almost all of the other firearms (particularly handgun related...) boards, with the same online "Handle..," - (erh) I sat here and thought to myself; "Self - You should join this forum too..!"
    So here I am.. I'm no longer a troop, a trainer, or an LEO, but I do still carry concealed legally everyday.
    Now-a-days, I'm a residential restoration & renovations G.C. & work some "Sketchy Area's" in our Metro area; unfortunately those areas "outweigh" our "Less Sketchy" areas as of yet, but gladly for us here in my Lil' city most areas are getting better all the time! I'll never be "Complacent" anywhere, anyway; unfortunately living in the USA or even more so anywhere in this world, no one can afford to be anyway..!

    Glad to be here... Thanks for having me; see ya'll on the board(S).

    Best regards,

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    Welcome erh! North Texas myself. Glad ya found us too! Now we know who to pester with those pesky "fixer upper" questions! Tell us about your guns, with pics too if possible.

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    erh welcome to CC

    Navigation should pretty much follow that of other VB boards so hope it won't present too many problems. If any specifics do ask.

    Hope you'll enjoy the good company here.
    Chris - P95
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    Welcome from NC. Glad you are here!
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    Welcome to you and me.
    I just joined also after signing up for the Concealed Carry mag. New to CCW, moved to N.C. last July from a communist state called Maryland (born and raised there and my apologies to everyone). Usually find myself on the 1911.forum. Currently carry a Colt Gunsite in a OWB pancake (local holster maker called Wild Bill). Am looking for a Ltw Colt Comm. to put a bobtail on. SA XD 45acp looks interesting tho. Anyways, Glad I found this site and will be here often. Thanks in advance Mods for keeping this site going. Tracy

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    Howdy. I'm currently up in the NE corner of the state.
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    Welcome to the fold. Enjoy your stay. Sixgun

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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Thumbs up

    Hi erh
    You'll find that the great people found here will far override any initial site negotiations that you might be having.
    Join right in.
    I also carry every day. It's a good habit to get into.

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    Savannah, GA.
    tsp45acp - How about that... My wife & I moved here (S.E., GA.) a little over 6 years ago from Annapolis, MD.! Before that; lived various spots around the Metro Baltimore County area. Did our move because "Cold Weather Sucks"! Anyway, we're glad to have departed that "..... State too..."

    Thanks & welcome to you too..

    Regards to all,


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    Welcome to the forum.
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    welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to the forum, enjoy yourself.

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    Cool, I am just outside of Savannah in Pooler. I work downtown though. Heard of the www.lcidpa.com group? You might want to check it out. What shops around here do you go to?

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