New member from Texas

New member from Texas

This is a discussion on New member from Texas within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome To category; Hello, I'm new in here, so allow me to introduce myself. I am 45 years old and a Retired USAF MSGT who retired in 2006 ...

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Thread: New member from Texas

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    New member from Texas

    Hello, I'm new in here, so allow me to introduce myself.

    I am 45 years old and a Retired USAF MSGT who retired in 2006 after 24 years of service. I went to work in the oil fields of Texas as an oil and gas well Production Tech and enjoy the job very much, as I get to work alone and I'm out doors in the wilderness all the time.

    I live with my wife and our two daughters are grown and moved out of the house; finally. Our youngest is still in college and our oldest is married with two children. We are in the process of moving back home to the mountains of NW Arkansas and have been for two years it seems.

    Our final move is on hold until we can sell our house in Texas and well, you guys all know what the market is like at the moment; so we will be card carrying Texans until it sells. Our house in Arkansas is finished and we go back and forth a lot to try and keep mother nature from taking the yard back.

    The plan is to finally retire for good and experiment with just how much hunting and fishing it will take to drive me back into a job of some sort; but it is a good feeling to know if I do go back to work it will be for only something to do.

    Any way, I have always been an avid gun enthusiast, as I was raised up with fire arms as a big part of our family. My father was an ex Marine and worked in Law Enforcement for 25 years, not to mention we hunted to help provide food for the dinner table.

    I had my first .22 rifle at the ripe old age of six years old as did pretty much all of my friends around the same age. There were loaded guns all over our house growing up and from the time we could walk and talk we were taught to respect them. Add in my 24 years of military service and yeah, guns have been a major part of my life and I still enjoy going out back of our place and practicing with the family and friends.

    So needless to say, I'm a little baffled to hear people talk about how dangerous it is to own a gun and that they are the root of all our social problems in this nation. I guess it's mostly a generation gap or perhaps another case of the "20% - 80%" theory, where the dissatisfied 20% that believes we should not own guns, make a lot more noise than the satisfied 80% that believe we should and do; either way, I respect anyone's right not to own a gun and so I do expect them to respect my right to own and carry in return.

    Anyway, I have finally decide to get my CHL so I can have a weapon on me at all times, I no longer feel good about having to leave it in the truck. I work alone out in the middle of nowhere most of the time and have found burned out cars, meth labs and had all kinds of oil field equipment stolen on a pretty regular basis and I have no allusions that help can get to me in any timely manner out there.

    I take my class on the 30th of this month and will then be patiently awaiting the state to process my paper work. I do not fore see any snags, as I have lived in the same residence for the last 13 years and possess a TS Security Clearance; meaning the FBI can tell you how many times I farted ten years ago on any given day.

    Sorry to have rambled on so long on my first post and I'll get off my soap box now. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community; hopefully I can provide entertaining and positive input.

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    Welcome aboard.
    Semper Fi

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    Victoria, B.C.
    Welcome from Victoria, B.C., via Phoenix.
    CCW permit holder for Idaho, Utah, Pennsylvania, Maine and New Hampshire. I can carry in your country but not my own.

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    Rowlett, Texas
    Welcome from another Texan..........
    Psalms 144:1
    Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.
    Senior Instructor for Tactical and Defensive of Texas
    Retired LEO
    NRA member
    TCHA member

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    Greetings from Kansas!

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    Ft Worth TX
    Hi and welcome from Fort Worth TX. And thank you for your service!
    - - - - -
    Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog, it's too dark to read. -Groucho Marx

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    Welcome to the forum!

    EOD - Initial success or total failure

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    Southwest Tennessee
    Welcome from Rocky Top Tennessee
    When you accept mediocrity you sow the seeds for future failure.
    One should never confuse good fortune with good training.
    Illegitimus Non Carborundum. In God we trust.

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    1943 - 2009
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    Welcome from Montana.

    When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains,
    And go to your God like a soldier.

    Rudyard Kipling


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    Welcome aboard from another AF retiree in Virginia.

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    Welcome to DC from Utah

    And thank you for protecting the freedoms I love and appreciate so much!
    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
    Thomas Jefferson

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    Welcome from Ohio. One of my sons-in-law is a USAF retired MSGT. I was in the Army for 3 years jumping out of perfectly good airplanes After college, I worked for AFMC for 26 years at WPAFB, and am now retired from civil service.

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    Sugar Land, TX
    Welcome from Texas!
    "Texas can make it without the United States, but the United States can't make it without Texas!".... Sam Houston

    Retired LEO
    Firearms Instructor
    NRA Life Member

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    Benton, KY
    Welcome to DC from Western KY! Thanks for the background and your military service!
    Glock 27

    "Criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot."

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    Clarksville, TN
    Greetings and Welcome from Fayetteville, NC!!!
    "Without fear there can be no Courage!"

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