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What’s the point? Needing help in NY state.

This is a discussion on What’s the point? Needing help in NY state. within the New Members Introduce Yourself forums, part of the DefensiveCarry.com Forum Office category; Welcome from Texas! Sounds like you ready to move......

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Thread: What’s the point? Needing help in NY state.

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    Welcome from Texas!

    Sounds like you ready to move...
    "Texas can make it without the United States, but the United States can't make it without Texas!".... Sam Houston

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    Welcome from upstate NY... You have 2 options... 1. MOVE away fast, or option 2. I’m running for NY Governor in 2010, You can spread the word and help me win. I will fix the problems……

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    Welcome from Alabama. You will have a lots of move to a more gun friendly state advice and that is the best solution, but it may not be feasible. So look at some things that are. Are there counties surrounding you that issue unrestricted permits more easily? If so is moving to one of them more feasible? This is the only other option I can come up with right now, but there may be others.

    Do go ahead and get a firearm suitable for concealed carry and become proficient with it. Then regardless of what happens you are prepared.

    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. Albert Einstein

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    Welcome from Missouri.

    First off, I would recommend you start a similar thread in the General Firearms Discussion area and be sure to include in your title that you need help specific to NY State residents.

    That way you are more apt to get help from a lot more people who live in NY and have been through the process.

    At least you do not live in NYC. From my understanding, that is a big plus.

    BTW... having your "revelation" regarding personal defense is better late than never. Do not give up or become discouraged.

    Big moves are always difficult to even contemplate. Especially in tough economic times, however, if you are serious as to being able to protect yourself and enjoy the fullest extent the 2nd Amendment has to offer, you may consider moving to another State sometime in the future. Unless you have something that is just absolutely holding you to NY.

    By all means, go ahead and get yourself a decent self defense firearm and learn to shoot it in the mean time!

    Good luck in your quest for information and I hope you will remain a member here and continue sharing and learning.
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Lafayette, La.

    Cool Welcome from southern Louisiana!

    Semper Fi

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    Welcome to you from a state far worse than your own...New Jersey.
    Here it isn't 'wait' to get a CCP, it's never, no way, and no how.
    As others have mentioned above, the best solution is to move. (which I may be doing soon!)
    Until you can, do everything you can... to increase your knowledge and skill.
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    (Near the Second Amendment But Unfortunately Not Affected By It)
    Erie County is the problem.

    Check out neighboring counties--you know--the ones that have heard of The Constitution.

    Even Niagara County might be more reasonable.

    Also, think of this: Pennsylvania is a short drive from Buffalo.
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    Welcome from Las Vegas, Nevada!
    "Gun control is being able to hit your target."
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    Welcome from Virginia. I'd go ahead and get the "hunting/target shooting" permit. Once you have it you can always apply to have it upgraded.

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    Welcome from central Mississippi.
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    Welcome from Victoria, B.C.

    Move up here for a while. You'll appreciate what you have now!!
    CCW permit holder for Idaho, Utah, Pennsylvania, Maine and New Hampshire. I can carry in your country but not my own.

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    Welcome from Alabama

    Take Care
    Stay Safe
    "If we lose freedom here, there's no place to escape to, this is the last stand on earth." Ronald Reagan

    "Gentlemen, Prepare to defend yourselves" SGM Basil Plumley

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    Welcome from SE Missouri.

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    Welcome from downstate. Maybe you can tie CCW into something for work/living. You may get a part time job driving a tow truck in the middle of the night? Maybe get a part time job doing armed security? Working for a jewerly store? Think a little diffrently. Somebody else will chime in from upstate.

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    You folks are the greatest!

    My inaugural post did, plainly, sound a bit defeatist. But you folks sure do seem like a “glass is half full” kind of a crowd.

    Here’s some quick stats that back up my position. And perhaps provide some insight into just how practical your community seems to be:

    27 total “welcomes” so far with 33 individual “helpful hints” proffered by you fine people.

    Fully 64% of you said “move”.

    Re-locating would certainly provide a more immediate remedy than waiting here for change. While voting obviously shouldn‘t be taken for granted, I’m merely one single red vote in an overly blue state, blue county, blue city.

    Three of you said “move but don’t move here”, as conditions are even worse than in NY.

    This attitude seems to fit nicely with the 16% of you who suggested, rightfully so, that I should, at the very least, be happy with those freedoms I currently enjoy.

    And, finally, common sense absolutely prevails here. 20% of you told me to get a gun and get comfortable with it. And 20% suggested I continue to seek advice from other people familiar with gun ownership and the law.

    I particularly enjoyed the suggestion that I bribe the Mayor as well as the offer of political favors in return for my vote.

    I appreciate the warm welcome and the universally excellent advice.

    Thank you.
    Who makes the rules? Someone else!

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