Not good...ND in Virginia

Not good...ND in Virginia

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Thread: Not good...ND in Virginia

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    Not good...ND in Virginia

    Woman Shot In The Face By Accidental Gun Fire At Home | | Washington, DC |
    Woman Shot In The Face By Accidental Gun Fire At Home
    WOODBRIDGE, Va. (WUSA) -- A woman was shot in the face when her next door neighbor was cleaning his shotgun and practicing loading and unloading the gun in the 17600 block of Hampstead Ridge Court. The gun accidentally discharged firing through his wall and siding towards the woman's home.

    He was cleaning the gun in a second story bedroom, and the woman was standing on her back porch. She was struck by some of the pellets in the face and taken to the hospital, but officials tell 9NEWS NOW that her injuries are non-life threatening.

    Some of the other pellets also struck the woman's home and her neighbor's home on the other side of her house.

    Another neighbor says the man working on his gun is a former marine.

    So far, the man has not been taken into custody, and he does not face any charges.

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    That's why you clear your weapon 'EVERY' time you touch it when it's out of the holster/case on a friendly trip.

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    Must be with the 'Cheney Clan'...

    Darn those guns, you turn your back for a few seconds and they just AD.
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    and practicing loading and unloading the gun
    Sounds like an activity for the range or snap caps.

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    I don't like the term 'accidental discharge' . . . I define it as a 'negligent discharge'.

    The only time I would refer to a non-intentional discharge as an accidental discharge is if it happened under emergency circumstances, for example: the GF and I are both pinned down behind separate cover in a gunfight, and I toss her my loaded backup gun like a softball because it's an emergency.

    I will also refer to it as an accidental discharge if I, for example, accidentally set a gun off when I had to move fast in a car accident (I was a paramedic) and, in the process, accidentally discharged a gun that I didn't know was there when the unconscious patient was armed and the car was upside down in water.

    What are your thoughts on my distinction between an accidental vs. negligent discharge?

    It may seem like hair-splitting, but I tend to be a stickler for correct terminology when it comes to certain things. I believe that, at least with some people, vague and imprecise terminology is a convenient way to lie and misrepresent the truth.

    In my field, for example, we never say to a relative that ". . . your husband passed away." We have specific training (the American Heart Association's Advanced Cardiac Life Support textbook makes this point in a few places) that requires us to say that " . . . your husband is dead" or " . . . your husband died."

    Having said this, how do you feel about the labeling of a 'negligent discharge' vs. 'accidental discharge' thing? Do you agree with my point, or am I wrong?

    What are your thoughts?

    Thank you.



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