Stupid : County Commissioner & His Firearm Arrest

Stupid : County Commissioner & His Firearm Arrest

This is a discussion on Stupid : County Commissioner & His Firearm Arrest within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This guy is running for re-election in our County Commission race in the May primary. He really did a stupid thing by concealing a hand ...

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Thread: Stupid : County Commissioner & His Firearm Arrest

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    Stupid : County Commissioner & His Firearm Arrest

    This guy is running for re-election in our County Commission race in the May primary. He really did a stupid thing by concealing a hand gun trying to get on a plane and having an expired concealed carry permit.

    I work in an office just down the hall from this guy. I hope he doesn't win in the primary, we don't need him anymore.

    Bias says arrest an 'honest mistake'
    March 17, 2010 @ 11:35 PM


    The Herald-Dispatch

    HUNTINGTON -- Cabell County Commission President Scott Bias on Wednesday said his May 2009 arrest at Myrtle Beach International Airport resulted from nothing more than an honest mistake.

    It occurred May 17, 2009, as Bias went through federal airport screening. The X-ray machine detected a handgun in his possession, according to Bias and court documents filed in Horry County, S.C.

    "It was just a plain old, honest mistake, and now it's just mudslinging in the election," Bias said Monday.

    Local authorities in South Carolina charged Bias, who this year is seeking his second term in office, with misdemeanor unlawful carrying of a pistol.

    Horry County prosecutors dismissed the charge two months later. Bias then paid a civil fine assessed by the Transportation Security Administration. He estimates the fine exceeded $100.

    Bias had traveled to Myrtle Beach by automobile with a relative. Scheduling issues forced him to catch a flight home, he said.

    Bias carried along a laptop case containing a computer and a gun, among other items. He had used the computer, but had never retrieved the gun. He said he "flat forgot it was in there," until being alerted by security.

    Bias, who said he knew guns could not pass through airport security, said he would have left it with the relative if he had remembered.

    Bias was held behind bars until a magistrate was available. He said he was then allowed to post bond and return to West Virginia. A background check followed, investigators found no potential threat, the state charge was dismissed and Bias' gun was returned.

    Bias referred to rumors that circulated this week about his arrest as being "typical of an election."

    "It wasn't any big deal," he said of the arrest. "It's just mudslinging for the election. That's all it is. It wasn't anything severe. I owned up to it. I didn't deny it. It's just like speeding down the highway. You pay your fine and go on."

    Bias confirmed a county prosecutor's report that his concealed weapons permit was expired at the time. He said it remained expired as of Wednesday, and he hasn't been carrying a weapon since.

    Bias said he previously carried a handgun during road trips as a precaution, for times such as a vehicle breakdown in the middle of the night.

    Bias says arrest an 'honest mistake' - The Herald Dispatch
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    I question the intelligence of most politicians.
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    How we behave as gun owners is important. Posturing and threatening does not serve us well in the public eye.

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    Somehow I don't think the 'honest mistake' defense would work for us common folk. I'm also thinking the 'fine' and 'behind bars' time would not work out quite so well either.

    Just my personal opinion, but I believe that people in authority should be held to a HIGHER standard of accountability. In most cases though they are not.

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    This was no "honest mistake". It was a very stupid mistake.

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    His getting elected was an "honest mistake". Now you folks can fix that.

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    People that carry for protection,that forget they even have a gun because they never had to use it or touch it are either lying thru their teeth,or during a crime wouldn't be able to react in any kind of timely manner since they would have to think do I have a gun,where is that pesky little rascal hiding,oh yeah it's in my laptop bag that thief just stole from me.
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    Hmmm.... and Timothy Geithner made an honest mistake on his income tax returns . . . . . four times

    Why is it that people in control of the laws of what "we the people" can do are always breaking those same laws?
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    Let one of us common folk go through security while carrying and with an expired carry license and see if we get released, charges dropped, & firearm returned ... right!

    We'd still be in jail, possibly fired from our job with $thousands$ in legal fees racking up with each ticking of the clock.

    Why is it when these bottom-feeding schmucks violate laws "it's an honest mistake", & when anyone else breaks the same laws, the full weight of the legal system comes crashing down on them. This guy is either dumb as a stump, or lying through his teeth, either of which is just cause for him to be booted from office next re-election date, if not sooner.

    Apply the laws & penalties equally to those that make them as they would to the others of us that have to follow them!
    Gun Free Zones are totally effective, and 100% safe ... (wait for it) ... (wait for it) ... until a bad guy with a gun shows up! Then suddenly, you have an uncontested Kill Zone of defensless sheep, patiently awaiting their turn for the slaughter.

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