South Carolina Ministers Trade Store Gift Cards for Guns

This is a discussion on South Carolina Ministers Trade Store Gift Cards for Guns within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; WALTERBORO, S.C.-- A group of South Carolina ministers are offering Walmart gift cards in exchange for guns to reduce the number of weapons in their ...

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Thread: South Carolina Ministers Trade Store Gift Cards for Guns

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    South Carolina Ministers Trade Store Gift Cards for Guns

    WALTERBORO, S.C.-- A group of South Carolina ministers are offering Walmart gift cards in exchange for guns to reduce the number of weapons in their communities.

    The Rev. Leon Maxwell of Colleton County told the Post and Courier of Charleston that Saturday's event is based on a similar program in North Charleston that has netted more than 450 weapons in two years.

    The buyback will take place from noon to 3 p.m. at Rock of Ages CME Church in Walterboro and Aimwell Presbyterian Church in Neyles.

    Participants are asked to put the weapons in their trunks and Colleton County deputies will collect them. The officers will make sure the guns still work and determine the value of the weapon. The owner will be given a gift card in that amount.
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    Love the name of the Presbyterian Church.....Aimwell...
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    Playing on the fears of the BGs are going to give up their guns....
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    There have been a couple "buy back" programs near where I live (how can you "buy back" something you have never owned????????) but the wife had made plans both times.

    I swear, if there is one close by when I get home I am going with a sign that says "SHOW IT TO ME FIRST" and see what I can pick up for dirt cheap.

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    I would like to see these programs photograph and document the persons who participate in these buy backs for two reasons.

    First to trace back any weapons turned in to see if they were involved in a murder or violent crime. All weapons should be tested and run through the Computer data bases.

    And two to Document the Future Victims so we can evaluate the effectiveness of them disarming themselves.

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    These programs seldom help, in fact, they may have little impact upon the criminal at all, but boy do they sound good in theory.

    No self respecting crook would willingly go to some place, give up their working firearm for some trivial amount of cash or card. No sir, don't think so.

    Most of the "guns" they get are old and useless, not the functioning ones. Of course the mind set sounds good. "Just think of all the guns we've taken off the street."

    You may as well just throw gasoline on a roaring fire for all the good that will do.
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    Now if they were giving out Dick's gift cards, I might trade a few old worn out weapons for a brand new one.


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