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There are two things going on here that should never be confused or blended together:

1. He's a kid. No matter how heinous his act, he's still a kid.
2. Sometimes the perp really gives you no choice but to use lethal measures, kid or not.
You're right. A younger person should never "blend" by engaging in such heinous, adult acts. But, life being what it is, some of them opt to do just that, to attempt the murder of innocents. They know damned well it's wrong, and I'm sure many of them don't appreciate just how ugly the ramifications can be and how far the extent of the destruction they bring on. Well ... let 'em learn.

It is sad. I feel for the little twits, I do. But not to the extent that I'll relax the rules when they step up the bar and choose to act like adults with adult crimes. Do that, and you've earned an adult response, "kid" outward appearances or not.

I try to avoid the search for a "silver lining" in an event like this because it's a coping mechanism that can wander into cheers for killing a kid.
No cheers, here. Just the simple recognition that the attempted murderer's age has little to do with the proper response to such acts of crime and terror.