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Ammo cookoff in a fire...interesting...

This is a discussion on Ammo cookoff in a fire...interesting... within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; We have a video at out training center of ammo cooking off next to a turnout coat and nothing even damages the outer layer. A ...

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Thread: Ammo cookoff in a fire...interesting...

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    We have a video at out training center of ammo cooking off next to a turnout coat and nothing even damages the outer layer. A commander pulling out crews over ammo is pretty much a common thing anyway unfortunately. I had a pistol in the glove box of a burning car fire a chambered round through the side door once. Fortunately before we got onscene.

    I checked with my agency fire safety people and the only thing they had heard of is restrictions on commercial storage of ammo or powder (especially black powder) and explosives. They hadn't heard of anything for private residences.

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    The video...

    Two hrs. later went back outside with a flashlight to try to locate the brass or the projectile (bullet) among the debris.
    I came up with nothing. No evidence what so ever.
    I'd just cleaned this grill last wed. prepping it for the season. The coal ash in the bottom had all been emptied and it was spotless. Today was my first use of the grill for the season so locating casing shards of bits of lead should have been easy. It was not.

    The round was a .22LR Remington 'Golden Sabre' copper washed hollow point.

    Report of the explosion (not gun shot!) was akin to that of a .22 gun shot but notably it was much less sharp than that of a gun. So much so that I without wearing ears had little flinch or discomfort at the sound. Normally I _always_ wear ears when shooting guns and I am generally sound sensitive.
    I'd started to grab a .223 round too but better sense took hold of me as it would have likely blown my grill apart. That would be very difficult to explain away to my wife. Much more so than why am I lighting off 'firecrackers' in the grill.

    - OMG, Janq is still alive!1
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    Don't try this at home,always shoot your meat before cooking,not during
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