Florida: Man Shot Dead In Car Justifiable

Florida: Man Shot Dead In Car Justifiable

This is a discussion on Florida: Man Shot Dead In Car Justifiable within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Interesting scenario that we sometimes talk about on this forum... --------------------------------------------------------------------- APR 12 Jacksonville, Florida Police: Man Shot Dead In Car Justifiable The Jacksonville Sheriff’s ...

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Thread: Florida: Man Shot Dead In Car Justifiable

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    Florida: Man Shot Dead In Car Justifiable

    Interesting scenario that we sometimes talk about on this forum...

    APR 12
    Jacksonville, Florida

    Police: Man Shot Dead In Car Justifiable

    The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office announced Friday that the shooting death of a man whose body was found in a car on April 1 was a justifiable homicide.

    Police said the shooting happened at Cassat and Shirley avenues in the Hillcrest area on the Westside just after midnight.

    Officers said Christopher Alfaro, 24, was driving in a car when he was shot to death by someone in another car by one shot to the head.
    Police said Alfaro rammed another car during a road rage battle. They said the other driver started spinning out, and that’s when he grabbed his gun and started shooting.

    “He fired one shot from his car at the other vehicle driven by Mr. Alfaro,” JSO Lt. Larry Schmitt said. “The bullet struck Mr. Alfaro in the head. That car continued to drive southbound on Cassat Avenue until it crashed on Shirley Avenue.”

    Police said the 38-year-old shooter called them immediately after the shooting. They said he does have a concealed weapons permit.
    Officers said when Alfaro rammed the other car, the other driver became the victim of an aggravated battery, which is why police said the shooting was justifiable.

    “Based on the facts of this specific incident, we don’t have probable cause to believe that it was a murder,” Schmitt said.
    The police will make the recommendation to the state attorney’s office, but prosecutors will decide if they want to press murder charges.
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    That's just insane. Road rage leading to a ramming that was ended by one (extremely lucky?) shot to the head. And I didn't realize we had "road rage battle(s)". I feel like I should dress up like mad max and carry a sawed-off in a thigh scabbard.

    Assuming the deceased made it to some sort of afterlife I wonder if he thinks it was worth it. Risking your life over something like being cut off in traffic is the epitome of selfishness and stupidity.

    Is there anything about the indecent that started this whole mess?
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    wow.....that's crazy. Hearing and seeing a story like that makes you want to exercise caution of how you should handle your vehicle. Sad, it escalated to someone getting killed.....rather just drive off and forget about something that would mean nothing a few minutes later.

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    While it seems the actual homicide was justifiable, I can not condone shooting out of a moving vehicle, especially one that is spinning out. Innocent bystanders don't just temporarily disappear at your convenience.

    But then again, it sounds like a crazy ordeal. I don't want to monday morning quarterback this too much.

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    I hope It was worth it,unbelievable
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    It's a wonder he hit what he was aiming at. I hope he does not get tried for murder, an assault by motor vehicle can leave you just as dead as being shot.

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    Usually aggressive driving is one jerk behind the wheel, and road rage is when the jerk meets an egomaniac who decides he's not going to tolerate whatever the jerk just did.

    IF, however, Alfaro was the egomaniac who reacted aggressively to something the shooter did unintentionally (I've cut people off without realizing it before) then he opened the door for trouble. Once you open that door, you rarely get to choose exactly what kind of trouble comes through it. This time it was a bullet to the head.
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    Anyone catch the number of total shots fired?

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    This reminds me of the previous road rage thread where the guy was following a lady and shot forward and hit her kid. AND the one where the guy passed on the shoulder and shot the lady. :(
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