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Investigators: Girl Not Killed By Service Gun
Roseville Child Died After Accidental Shooting

POSTED: 12:50 pm PDT April 21, 2010
UPDATED: 1:26 pm PDT April 21, 2010

ROSEVILLE, Calif. --
Police investigators in Roseville said Wednesday that the handgun that killed a 3-year-old child in Tuesday's accidental shooting was not her father's service revolver -- it was a private handgun.

Officials said the father, Placer County Sheriff's Deputy Ken Skogen, and his young daughter, Kalli, were both in the family's garage when the shooting happened.

Investigators quickly determined that it was an accidental shooting. However, there is a full investigation under way about how and why it happened.

The girl was rushed to Sutter Roseville Hospital, then taken by flight to the UC Davis Medical Center, where she died at 8:22 p.m.

Skogen was hailed as a hero of the 49 Fire by rescuing an elderly woman from approaching flames.

The situation is being investigated to determine if there was possible negligence in having a loaded, unsecured handgun within reach of a child.

Skogen, who's been with the Sheriff's Department for three years, is currently on bereavement leave.

Source w/ video report at Investigators: Girl Not Killed By Service Gun - Sacramento News Story - KCRA Sacramento

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This not an 'accident'...It is negligence. Plain and simple.